The Iceberg Effect

I will be adding a product review each week, beginning of course with The Iceberg Effect. After all that’s the one I’ve been focusing on so I guess it needs to be my starting point.

I became involved in affiliate marketing because of this book. It’s an easy-to-read explanation of how the author, Dean Holland, discovered a revolutionary approach to affiliate marketing that dramatically changed his business. According to Dean he had been trying to succeed online for many years before he discovered this new approach. The Iceberg Effect is a system which takes the affiliate marketer beyond the frontline surface of the business and dives into the depths where the real profits are made. Hence the comparison to an iceberg. As we all know the visible part of an iceberg is only a small part of the whole. What lies beneath the surface is far bigger than what can be seen floating on the surface.

And that’s what this book teaches. It shows us how to tap the opportunities below the surface in the affiliate marketing business.

 For me it has made a lot of sense and for a real newbie like myself it has been a book full of commonsense and no-nonsense teaching. The whole seemingly complicated affiliate marketing business is broken down into four simple strategies that are easy to manage.

  1. Finding those people who are interested in affiliate marketing.
  2. Building a data base of interested people.
  3. Following up with those same people.
  4. Presenting offers to those interested people.

I keep the book nearby all the time I am working and have read it more than once. Russell Brunson, in his forward says “I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even.”

Surprisingly for such a high-quality product, the book is offered free of charge. You need to pay a postage and handling fee; currently around $9.70 I think.

I had to wait about two weeks for mine to arrive but while I was waiting I also received the audio version, almost instantly.

I highly recommend that if you are interested in having a go at affiliate marketing you get hold of this book before you do anything else. It will save you making some expensive mistakes. You can find out more about it and get your copy by following this link. You can get it here.

Quick Start Challenge

The Quick start Challenge is a follow- on from The Iceberg Effect.

 When I had read the book I was keen to find out if I was ready to invest my time and money in creating and managing a new business.

I needed to be sure that I would receive the level of coaching I needed and that my mentors would be available whenever I needed them.

I also needed to be sure that I actually liked this business.

I needed to know if the idea was a real possibility or just another get rich quick scheme that was too good to be true.

My thinking was that if I invested a small amount of money and time to get a genuine “feel” for the business, then I would have a better idea of whether or not it would be a good fit for me.

The Quick Start Challenge gave me all the answers I needed. For me it was yes, yes, yes all the way.

1)It is a step by step six-day challenge to launch your business so that by the end of the six days you have an actual newly created business.

2) You have a done for you email list building system that allows you to start your list from scratch within days.

3)You have experienced coaches helping you every step of the way.

The Quick Start Challenge is specifically for beginners which is certainly what I was. You proceed at your own pace so you can take longer than the 6 days if you need to. I found it very helpful and certainly worth the money.

The cost of the Quick Start Challenge is $197. You can learn more about it here.

Affiliate Marketers Playbook

I started these reviews with The Iceberg Effect which is the guidebook extraordinaire for anyone wanting to get into affiliate marketing. Then I moved on to The Quick Start Challenge which is a short course on affiliate marketing. It’s a carefully guided “how to” for those who want to test the affiliate marketing waters for themselves.

My next review is about another Internet Profits product called the Affiliate Marketers Playbook. It’s yet another freebie, introducing affiliate marketing.

If you would like to order a copy just click here.

This product is another one that is so suitable for anyone who wants to learn all they can about affiliate marketing before making any real commitment.

 I confidently recommend it.

Affiliate Marketers Secrets

This week I am continuing to review Internet Profits product. I feel that as all my training and mentorship comes from this group it’s only fair I review their products first.

I do plan to review products from other sources after I have completed the Internet Profits reviews so that my readers will have the best market choices I can access for them, all in one place.

This one from Internet Profits is another freebie called Affiliate Marketing Secrets. It is a short video training that is loaded onto a USB stick. It details why traditional affiliate marketing no longer works for most people and what you need to do to win as an online affiliate in this day and age. You only pay $4.95 postage and handling fee. Click here to find out more.

The Perfect Offer

The Internet Profits product I want to review for you now is called The Perfect Offer. The Perfect Offer is a video training loaded onto a USB stick. The training introduces the viewer to the concept of using physical products to get customers online, AKA “Free + shipping” offers, as one of the most effective ways to get floods of customers online.

If you have a bit of experience with online marketing, then this could be perfect for you. You can get your USB stick by clicking here.

Again this is a product I am happy to recommend.

Internet Profits Accelerator

Internet Profits Accelerator. What is it and how does it work??

Long story short, it’s a complete system designed to get you up and running in your new business. All  the systems you need are set up ready to be actioned. Strategies are explained  and training is available to ensure you receive the guidance you need to work towards your success.

But that’s only the beginning. Once you are set up you then you join a mentoring program designed to guide you along your chosen path. The aim is to have you running a successful business within 12 months.

Providing you do the work.

Providing you keep in touch with your mentors.

Providing you stay committed.

Providing you avoid the many distractions the internet will throw at you.

Providing you take it seriously.

Do these things and as Dean Holland, CEO says “It cannot NOT work.”

To check out Internet Profits Accelerator click here to find out more.

This is the program I am involved in and I thoroughly recommend it.

Internet Profits Accelerator. This program rocks!

12 Minute Affiliate

This week my review focuses on a product that is not from the Internet Profits stable. It is not a product I have personally tried but it has been recommended to me by people I trust. I have watched the introductory video and if I wasn’t fully occupied with Internet Profits it is certainly something I would be willing to try.

In the interests of transparency, I need to tell you that if after watching the video you decide to explore further, I will receive a commission.

The 12 Minute Affiliate

Does the thought of pocketing affiliate commissions on auto-pilot sound appealing?

How about adding thousands of people to your email on complete autopilot?

On this training, you are going to see a powerful, but simple method that ANYONE can do,

no matter where you live, how young or old you are, and most importantly, your level of


This is PERFECT for beginners, but also works great for intermediate or advanced folks. The reason is because it requires zero online marketing skills.

You are going to learn an online method that can instantly put profits in your pocket but requires:

1) No SEO

2) No Facebook Ads

3) No Google Ads

4) No Techie Stuff

The secret to this method is that the system does all the heavy lifting FOR YOU! I know, it sounds crazy, but just attend the training right now and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

The great thing is that it will only take you about 20 minutes to understand exactly how (and why) it works so well.

This is l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y the Easiest System Ever

So, if you want to find out more, just click on the link above in the words in red. I had to right click then click on “open hyperlink.” Give it a try-I’d love to know what you think.

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