About me

Hello, I’m Beverley Bell, the creator of this blog. My main reason for starting this blog is to help people who are interested in starting a business they can operate from home.

Most of my skillset is in the field of writing which I guess is why I am drawn to blogging. The plan is to make this blog into an income earning creation that will enable me to earn a living helping people while at the same time doing something I love.

I am also trying my hand at novel writing. I have one novel published which is just starting to attract some attention. It’s called The Other Side of the Ocean, you can find out more about it by checking out my website: Beverley Bell Author.

My other interest is in affiliate marketing. I tried this a few years ago and must confess I failed dismally. However I have recently started a course with an affiliate marketing company and I’m learning all about why it all went so wrong in my first attempt. And more importantly, how to get it right this time.

I’m also an experienced researcher which I think I can put to very good use in this blog. Not everyone wants to write or get involved in affiliate marketing. So my aim is to ferret out as many other ways of operating a home business, finding the ones I believe to be good value in their individual fields, and report back to you through this blog. So if there is any particular business you would like to explore please drop me a message in the Contact box and I’ll follow it up for you.

So a bit more about me personally. I live with my brother and an assortment of animals. In particular I love dogs and have three-a Collie, a German shepherd and an Irish setter. Connor, the Irish Setter is my partner at Obedience and Rally trials which we both love.

I love the beach and all things rural. Not at all fond of city life, the crowds, the impatience, the rushing around. I like to take things a bit more slowly.

I’m a regular church attender, being blessed with a lifelong faith that has bolstered me through many ups and downs.

I genuinely hope that I can help you create and manage the business of your choice or at least supply you with information that will help in your decision making.

I wish you all the best.


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