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On the road to recovery (I hope.)

Well here I am once again, still hanging in there, even if it is only by my fingernails! I hope everyone is doing well.

Just a thought:

Ben Johnson said, “He that is taught only by himself has a fool for a master.”

Oh my goodness, this week I have learned how much value there is in being willing to learn from others!

The week that was:

One stressor at a time is more than enough for me … but three! Not good.

As I said in my last post, I have three problems>

  1. Riley is fading.
  2. We have to unexpectedly move house.
  3. My Facebook lead ad continues to refuse to perform.
  1. Well I know Riley has lived well past his use by date but no one seems to have told him. Today he wanted to join in a ball game with Connor and me. So I grabbed a second ball and threw it for him. He ran after it, caught it and brought it back to me to throw again. And again. Then he needed a good long rest. He was panting and gasping at this stage so a rest was totally necessary. But his tail was waving with abandon, he was wearing his long forgotten sloppy grin and his eyes were just sparkling.

As the saying goes “There’s life in the old dog yet.”

  • House hunting? Well we might have found what we need. Here in Australia, when house hunting, you submit a formal (20page!) application for a rental house you like. If you meet all the criteria the agent invites you and other qualified people to a house inspection -at a time and day they specify. Everyone rocks up together.

We made it to the inspection. I had a long close look at a cottage I like and so far the outcome is hopeful. We are the “favoured applicants.” I should know soon whether or not we have been successful.

  • Business blues:

Still no joy with the problematic ad. Lots of help from mentors and the company involved but the problem remains. People who opt into my email list are not being automatically transferred. So they are unable to access a promised free video.

While we try to solve this I am transferring people manually. A bit painstaking and it takes up a lot of time but at least it cuts down the waiting time for people.

Apparently this problem is affecting quite a few businesses so I hope it can be resolved soon.

But if you ARE considering taking a dive into affiliate marketing you can always read The Iceberg Effect. You will learn heaps   of valuable information for free. You can get it here.  

Thinking about Just a thought:

The quote from Ben Johnson really spoke to me this week.

Without my Internet Profits mentors and the people from the company involved, I would have been completely clueless!

Actually I remain completely clueless.

Without the support and encouragement of my mentors I would be totally lost.

On the positive side I am learning so much about what goes on behind the scenes in this weird world of online advertising. Which brings me back to the subject of learning from others.

It’s something that I really appreciate about The Iceberg Effect.

When I started in this business I knew nothing about affiliate marketing except that it was a business where I did not have to create a product or deal with online shopping carts…and refunds…and lost products. Etcetera.

So I researched affiliate marketing opportunities. I believe the book The Iceberg Effect is the best option available today if you’re a beginner like me. Or if you are a jaded, disillusioned marketer with a limited success record.

The book provides a detailed but very clear explanation of what affiliate marketing is all about in this day and age. And how to make it work.

How affiliate marketing can be compared to an iceberg where the real benefits are hidden below the surface.

And how to access those benefits.

It made total sense to me which is why I jumped on board.

A business where the “how to” is laid out step by step. In fact, there are ONLY 4 steps to learn. And then of course, to action.

All that information out of 1 book!

What’s more…it’s free. The Iceberg Effect.

So…I am so very glad that I have The Iceberg Effect by my side. It’s become my daily guide as I travel along the affiliate marketing road. Remembering I only have to master four steps and implement them.

For a book that’s absolutely free it punches well above its weight in my opinion.

Enough information to get you started on your own affiliate marketing journey. The creator of your own affiliate marketing business.

Go on! Give it a try. Go get that free book here.

Wrapping up:

Another up and down week for me. I hope your week is turning out to be all you hoped for. I would so appreciate it if you would leave a comment… whatever you wish to say.

If you would like to subscribe just add your name at the “subscribe” button.

Take care


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