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What do you do for a break?

Hello everyone and welcome to my latest blog post. I hope you continue to find it interesting.

I may have mentioned that I have a small business I run from home providing accommodation and care for pets whose people need to leave them in a safe place for a time.

One lady said, when she came to collect her pooch, “So what do you do for a break?”

It got me thinking. How to reply?

As far as I am concerned, my life is just one long break.

Just a thought:

“If you think you know all there is to know then you already know everything you’re ever going to know.” Something to ponder over perhaps?

The week that was:

So what is it I need to be living a perfect life?

Let’s make a list.

  • The awareness of the living Creator.
  • An awareness that provides serenity for every waking moment. Even the tricky bits of my life.
  • Time to just be. For me that is time to read. Time to write. Time to laze in the garden listening to the birds, watching the butterflies and bees as they go about their daily living.
  • Working in the garden. Weeding, digging, sowing. Celebrating the results when they come. Mourning the losses (inevitable for an adventurous gardener like me.!)
  • Sharing my life with animals. Not only with my own beloved fur and feather family but also with our visitors. Both domestic and wild.
  • A challenge. To keep me on my toes. My affiliate marketing business. Learning to navigate all the pitfalls and traps online. Consciously refusing to become involved in any of the dodgy practices I see online. Or the too frequently employed practice of sacrificing integrity in the pursuit of money.
  • Learning. Someone once said “You never stop learning till you’re done. It’s so true. Always something new around the next corner.
  • A chance to give back.

Through my church.

Helping out where I can.

Through my pet minding business. Helping keep loved pets safe and happy.         

 Through affiliate marketing. Creating a new business out of helping people.

What more do I need?

But wait:

It’s not all beer and skittles. And I am not Pollyanna.

This past week I have been hit with three (yes three) major knocks. And all three need solutions-preferably yesterday!

  1. My old dog Riley is fading fast. He is 13 years old and has been living on borrowed time since he was diagnosed with bone cancer at 9. I know he hasn’t got long to go. Right now it’s a waiting time.
  2.  Our time at our cute little stone rental cottage is coming to an end. We just got the news that we have to vacate as the place is being sold. So finding somewhere to live has become an unexpected high priority.
  3. My ad for my business is problematic to say the least. It promises a free video in exchange for giving me an email (so I can send the video!) Sadly, the video itself has gone missing so people who want the video have been waiting. And waiting.

Much head scratching from my Internet Profits mentors has not yet resulted in a resolution. So please…watch this space.

And if you are one of the people who was promised a video and has not yet received it please accept my sincere apologies and be assured we are working on it.

In the meantime I am manually adding those names to my subscriber list and ensuring that the video does indeed get to them. There are quite a few names to process. I am working through them one by one.

Progress report next post.

Wrapping up:

A mixed week this week. I like challenges but preferably one at a time please.

Please leave a comment so I can learn how I can improve this blog to add further to your interest. And you will also see that there is a space where you can become a subscriber.

I hope you are all having a great week, living your best life.

Take care everyone


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