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Giving value. How exactly?

Hello to everyone this week, from a beautiful Autumn day in South Australia. This is one of my favourite seasons with the trees changing colour to all those glorious golds, yellow and reds. The days are spectacular, sunny but with a cool edge particularly in the early morning and evening and the nights chilly enough to light the fire.

Just a thought: 

“Notice that Autumn is more the season of the soul than of nature.”  This quote is from Friedrich Nietzsche. I think I know what he meant. It is a season of appreciation don’t you think? Friedrich Nietzsche was a German philosopher and poet who lived in the mid to late 1800’s.

The week that was:

Has anyone else noticed how fearful and crime aware we have become?

One of my favourite tv shows is “Call the Midwife.” Have you seen it?

I was watching a recent episode and saw how the nurses, who rode bicycles to and from their work, just parked the bikes against any nearby wall and got on with the job.

I found myself thinking “How come the bikes don’t get stolen?”

You need a padlock and chain these days if you expect your bike to still be there when you get back to it.

A few months back my service provider, Optus, was hacked. The hackers got away with thousands of personal ID’s, impacting on drivers licenses, bank accounts and medical records. In some departments they are still papering over the IT holes.

Ever since then I have had my bank decline to release funds when they suspect a scam.

And Optus will not let any call go through if it is not on my contacts list.

It feels a bit like a police state. Amazing that only a few short years back this was unheard of- any similar attempts would have been called out as infringements on our rights.

But… I guess it’s better than having my ID stolen again.

So…is it really like a police state or is it actually the services providing extra value? Providing protection above and beyond my expectations without me even realizing what’s going on behind the scenes.

I’m not sure of the answer but it’s most likely a new way of going on that I’ll just have to get used to.

One place where I always get value is the hairdresser.

  • Hair cut and styled just the way I like it.
  • Always on time.
  • Friendly, chatty staff.
  • A chance to catch up on all the local news.

Now that’s value. And it keeps me coming back.

Animal family:

Well we did it. I’ve been talking for some time about relocating the chooks to a new shed. Their old one has so many leaks and is getting so rickety it is likely to blow down if we get a strong wind. Besides, there is some kind of predator (fox? dog?) hanging around at night and I’d hate for any of them to become an illicit meal.

So on Saturday I roped my brother Peter into lending a hand.

The geese were already housed in the new shed so it was just a matter of relocating our garden stuff into the shed where we keep our firewood and hoping everything would fit. It did.

Then we shifted feed and water bowls, roosts and nesting boxes into the new shed and covered the floor in a deep bed of barley straw.

That was the easy part.

It took Peter and me, with the help of multi-talented Irish setter Connor to guide and cajole the confused and unwilling flock to their new accommodation.

It took a while.

Tonight was their third night in the new shed. They put themselves to bed quite happily.

So it seems they value their new accommodation.

My book:

As previously mentioned. You can get a copy of my book by messaging me on my Facebook page – Beverley Writes. Or use the comments section on this blog. The cost is $30 which also covers postage and handling. Or $20 if you live locally.

Sales continue to be steady which I am pleased about. It’s a book that belongs out there in the community I believe.

My business:

This matter of giving value seems to be pretty important in the affiliate marketing business..

I’ve learned that one of the most vital parts of achieving a successful business is honesty.

So to be as honest and open as can be I make a point of only promoting products I am confident will be of value to the people who buy them. If I haven’t used the product myself I’ll say so. And if that’s the case I only promote products that Internet Profits has assured me are genuine.

This is so important.

There are so many dodgy deals out there and sadly, there is often no way of knowing they are dodgy until after you have parted with your money. I know. I’ve been there.

I would hate to be responsible for promoting something like that.

The other focus on honesty is all about promoting the possibility of others becoming affiliate marketers.

You’ll see the ads that tell you all about the millions you’ll be making within weeks.

That has not been my experience.

And Internet Profits never said it would be.

What I’ve learned is that I first had to learn what to do, how to do it and finally, how to put my newfound knowledge to work.
That’s where I found The Iceberg Effect to be so valuable. All I had to do was follow the steps laid out clearly and simply in that book. You can get your free copy here.

Then, as my knowledge deepened, I was mentored through the whole process of creating and managing my very own business. The mentoring continues to this day and will continue till I say I don’t need it any more.

It has not been an easy journey. As the song says, “some days are diamonds and some days are stones.”

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t. It’s all part of the adventure!

But when I look back on the past 12 months I can see how far I have progressed. I can proudly say that 12 months in I am managing my own online home business. And the starting point was The Iceberg Effect. Grab your free copy here if you haven’t got it yet.

Wrapping up:

Another post finished and added to my growing collection. I hope you are enjoying my jottings this week. Please leave a comment to let me know how you feel about anything I have written. Also please add your name to my subscriber list so we can keep in touch.

Take care everyone.


2 responses to “Giving value. How exactly?”

  1. Hairdressers or salon is a place to be pampered and chatter to your hearts content. Sometimes while lying down to get a facial, I seriously feel like I am at a therapist. 😀
    Whatever experience I have of farm life, I can say that hens panic real fast. I find them really funny but I don’t want to make them angry because they run really fast.
    The Iceberg Effect seems like a very useful book. Have a nice week, Beverley.


  2. Hi Ranjana Thank you for your comments. I think hairdressers are like therapists all over the world, I guess because we clients place ourselves in a vulnerable position while they care for us so they respond with empathy.
    Your right about hens getting panicky. The trick is not to rush them and give them time to think about what is happening.
    I hope you are having a nice week too.


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