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Mentoring Magic

Well here we are again, another Monday almost over. Does anyone else think this year is going even faster than the previous ones? I can hardly believe we are over halfway through April.

I hope everyone is well and happy, powering through the year or just wafting gently along. Or a bit of each-whatever takes your fancy.

My thought for this week is longer than usual. It came up on my Facebook feed and I liked it so much I wanted to share it with you.

Just a thought:

The week that was:

Sometimes a lasting impression can result from a surprise experience- unplanned and unlooked for.

Late last week I was driving along the coast road and stopped at The Bluff to watch the giant waves rolling in. I was going to say I was “immersed” in the sight but that might give the wrong impression. They  weren’t high enough to reach my vantage point.

But the experience was like being immersed. The sight, the smell, the salt tang in the air.

That was only the beginning of the experience.

It had been a sultry sunny day and in the afternoon large storm clouds gathered, rolling across the sky and blotting out the sun. As I looked across the sea the light changed to something I had never seen before.

The dark stormy clouds blotting out most (but not all) of the sun’s rays created an effect that bordered on the surreal.

A lady in the car next to mine jumped out, camera in hand.”I’ve never seen such light” she said. And I agreed.

The waves kept rolling in, the spindrift reflecting thousands of droplets glinting silver in the air. The sea itself was a combination of navy and aquamarine with silver glints in thousands reflected across the water. Like glitter thrown from a giant hand.

There must have been a large school of fish out there because suddenly hundreds of seabirds appeared in the sky, just offshore.

They circled and dived, streaking back to the sky again with the same silver glint reflected in their wings andtails. And what seemed like a glittering jetstream tracking their upward path. The “jetstream” didn’t dissipate so that in minutes the sky was crisscrossed with lines of silver, straight as arrows, starkly highlighted across the navy sky.

The lady with the camera was clicking away madly exclaiming in wonder all the time and declaring the she could “never catch this light perfectly.” But she did find a seal in her viewfinder, resting on some rocks. He might have been planning to join the feast but I like to think  he was also captured by the magic.

The rest of the week has been quite humdrum in comparison. I’m so glad I went for a drive on the sultry , stormy afternoon.

Animal family:

Why do cats want to zoom in the early hours of the morning? The very early hours.

My three sleep all day in their favourite spots. Sometimes it’s the lounge with everyone in their preferred corner. Or  it might be along the window sill, soaking up the sun. Or on my bed.

But nearly every night in the (very) early hours-it’s ZOOM time.

I’m not sure who starts it but it involves all three cats galloping frantically throughout the house. Hiding behind the television and pouncing, unravelling the toilet roll if I’ve forgotten to close the door and just madly racing round.

It used to worry the dogs who would be rudely awakened and spring to attention on high alert. But now they just roll over and go back to sleep.

Can someone please teach me to train my cats to zoom in the daytime and sleep at night??

Book update:

Last weekend I was back a Yankalilla markets selling a few more copies of my book. It’s getting out there Our local library has taken a couple of copies too.

 As previously mentioned you can get a copy of my book by messaging me on my Facebook page – Beverley Writes. Or use the comments section on this blog. The cost is $30 which also covers postage and handling. Or $20 if you live locally.

 Affiliate marketing update:

Wow! One of the reasons I chose Internet Profits as my doorway into affiliate marketing was the guarantee of regular, individualised mentorship.

This past week I have come to realise how valuable and how detailed this is.

Part of my advertising strategy is the use of Facebook lead ads. I’ve explained about this strategy in earlier posts.

Things started going wrong so I turned to my mentor for advice.

It didn’t work.

My business continued to spiral downwards in spite of the help I was getting.

What to do?

I contacted my mentor again, not reallyknowing what to expect.

I was linked with a mentor who is having lots of success using the same lead system as me.

Wow! And Wow again! She not only requested reams of information from me, she also showed me how to provide it. I didn’t even know how to provide a screen shot.

She is now going through all the details I sent in search of the exact problem and consequently the solution. Taking time out from her own business in order to grow mine.

You don’t get that level of dedicated mentorship very often.

Thank you Internet Profits.

Wrapping up:

Bits and pieces this week I know. Reading over what I’ve written I’ve realised that my focus has been mostly concentrated on nature.

I hope you’re okay with that. I certainly am.

Take care


PS: Don’t forget to grab your free copy of The Iceberg Effect here.

2 responses to “Mentoring Magic”

  1. There’s something about nature that makes everyone a poet. Your description of the waves is so beautiful, I wish I was also there to witness it.


    1. I think I am so privileged to live near the sea. Surprises happen all the time although not always as magical as this particular time.

      Liked by 1 person

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