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Beer and Skittles

Hello again everyone, I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter if you are someone who celebrates it. I know I am.

 I came across this saying recently and remembered that it was something an uncle used to say when things didn’t go as planned. “Life is not all beer and skittles” he’d inform us. Apparently it’s used in the negative sense like the words I just quoted.

Beer I know, but what are “skittles?” The best I can discover is that it’s a kind of game – I imagine like ten pin bowling?

Use the comments section guys and help me out if you know.

Well life may not be all beer and skittles but it comes close if you are trying to figure out affiliate marketing and your copy of The Iceberg Effect has just arrived. You can get your very own copy here.

Just a thought:

“Life isn’t all beer and skittles, but beer and skittles, or something better of the same sort, must form a good part of every Englishman’s education.”

These words are attributed to Thomas Hughes, an author and reformist who lived in Great Britain during the 1800’s.

The week that was:

Here in Australia Easter is traditionally a time for family. It falls during mid-Autumn (or Fall if you are from USA). It’s a time when you can usually rely on a few days of beautiful warm sunshine and cool -well almost cold- nights. Perfect weather for camping which is what many people do. Out of the city and off to the beach or the bush (“forest” for my US readers.)

Car filled to the brim with essential camping gear, barbecue, cricket set, all the kids and of course, the dog. And maybe even the boat if you are heading for the beach or a river.

So, everything and everyone collected? Then it’s a matter of joining the long slow traffic crawling endlessly along the highways and back roads, hoping to get to the camp site before all the best places are taken and it gets too dark to see what you are doing.

After four days of swimming, bush walking, sunburn, insect bites and children screaming in terror at night because an owl hooted- you pack up and head home.

Back into the crawling traffic. Car full of dirty gear infested with sand, dead leaves and the occasional displaced and angry insect.

Mustn’t forget the dog. Probably suffering from some allergy brought on by the prickles embedded in his skin. Sadly, you could not completely clean the dried kangaroo poo out of his coat and the smell is enhanced in the close confines of the car.

The excitement everyone felt at the beginning of the trip has gone. That same family-the one you belong to-seems to have been replaced by tired, irritable, muscle weary, grubby and ungrateful brats. It promises to be a long trip home.

I don’t know whether you have guessed or not but as far as camping goes, I am not a fan. Don’t get me wrong I love the beach and the bush. But I prefer to experience the bush from the comfort of a snug cabin where there is a hot shower and an electric kettle.

And I live near the beach.

I celebrate Easter the traditional way. Church on Friday and Sunday. As much time as possible with family. Hot cross buns and Easter eggs of course.

So, if you celebrate Easter acknowledging the Christian significance OR if your focus in entirely on family, I hope you had a lovely holiday.

With no prickles.

Animal family:

Speaking of camping reminded me of the many times I have “camped” in a cabin with my three dogs.

I am an enthusiastic competitor in dog trials-Obedience and Rally-with my partner, Connor the Irish Setter.

Many of the competitions are miles away from home so I book a cabin in a local caravan park. The dogs love it. It’s a bit of a squash for 2 humans and 3 dogs but it’s all part of the adventure.

The thing about dogs is that they are more focused on relationships than on territory. So, a couple of nights in a new place is a huge treat for them provided their humans are with them. And their “camping beds” and bowls and plenty of their usual food.

Unlike cats. Mine prefer to stay home while we are away and enjoy the luxury of having the whole house to themselves. Even if they must tolerate an unfamiliar human coming in each day to check on them. I understand their preference I must say. They have a temperature-controlled environment, free access to all the beds, they can take Connor’s spot on the lounge with no argument, and they are warm, safe and comfortable.

What’s not to love?

Book update:

I’m really starting to enjoy myself, selling my book at the local markets. On Saturday I travelled to Willunga markets. It was a rainy dull day but plenty of people braved the weather and I made good sales. Also made some tentative arrangements about being involved in some author talks. Lots to think about.

The Other Side of the Ocean is a story of a refugee’s escape from his own war-torn country and follows his journey from a refugee camp. Eventually to Australia. In Australia he has to learn a new language, a new culture and a whole new way of life. He also, for the first time in his life, is confronted by the reality of racism.

The characters in the book are fiction but the events are real, based on interviews with a number of refugees I conducted over many years.

As previously mentioned you can get a copy of my book by messaging me on my Facebook page – Beverley Writes. Or use the comments section on this blog. The cost is $30 which also covers postage and handling. Or $20 if you live locally.

My business:

Well it certainly has not been a “beer and skittles” week for me in the affiliate marketing world. I hit a considerable hurdle late last week.

Part of my strategy to attract customers is to use Facebook lead ads. I like this method because the ads target people who have an interest in affiliate marketing. People with no interest in the subject don’t get the ads in their feed. Also the cost is within my budget.

But lately things have not been going well. I’m getting very few responses which means very few leads.

So I contacted one of my mentors for help. A few suggestions were offered which I’ll certainly act on. But the surprising thing is that once I opened the discussion I started to understand the problem and therefore could work out a solution.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Have you got your copy of The Iceberg Effect yet? You can get it here.

Or perhaps you are ready for the Quick Start Challenge. You can get that here.

Or maybe you are all prepared and ready to get involved in Internet Profits Mentorship Program. That one is waiting for you here.

Product Review:

No new reviews this week. I am waiting for the results of research before I add any more. If you are interested in looking at what other affiliate products are available, you could spend a bit of time scrolling back through the reviews in my older posts. It will give you a good idea of what is available. As I have said in earlier posts, I have not tried all these products, but I am assured by those I trust that they are genuine offers. And for the sake of open disclosure I need to tell you that I will receive a commission if you purchase.

Wrapping up:

That’s it for another week friends. I wish you all a productive and happy week ahead. Please leave your comments for me and add to my subscriber list.

Take care.


2 responses to “Beer and Skittles”

  1. Hi Beverley,
    I am always glad to connect with writers, artists, and people who like learning new things. I am new to your blog and I like your blog. I am also trying to learn a lot about professional blogging and digital marketing. I still have to make a lot of improvements in my blog but I am learning at a very slow pace.


    1. Hi Ranjana Like you I am enjoying connecting with people who like learning new things. There is no end to the learning we can access if we choose. I’m also learning slowly but I think that’s okay. Looking forward to hearing from you again and seeing your blog.

      Liked by 1 person

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