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How to start your affiliate marketing business.

The next step.

Hello again everyone, another Monday has begun and it’s time for my next blog post. Some days I feel as if I’m talking to no one except myself and think about not bothering. But as soon as I get started it’s  like turning on the ignition of a powerful car. Except the fuel is words and they just start to flow.

My first step was getting hold of a copy of “The Iceberg Effect” You can get your copy here.

Just a thought:

I like this one because it sounds so decisive- highlighting the element of choice we have about the decisions we make. It’s from Daphne Rose Kingma. She says, “The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide you’re not going to stay where you are.”  

The week that was:

Is it just me or are the weeks racing by even faster than last year? Here we are in April, Easter in a few days’ time and we haven’t even finished our Christmas cake yet. Where did those months go?

I glanced back through my diary to refresh my mind about last week’s happenings and found myself looking at entries from three weeks ago. Seems impossible!

Daylight Saving ended here two days ago and it already feels that much cooler. April in Australia is the second month of Autumn-days growing shorter and evenings getting almost cold. I have never been able to work out why we have daylight saving in summer when the days are very long anyway. Surely it would make more sense to have it in winter when the daylight hours are so much shorter? I guess the powers- that- be have their reasons?

Today our first load of firewood was delivered. Lovely dry wood, ready to be stored in our shed safely out of the rain we know will come. I always feel we have really welcomed winter when the firewood is stacked and ready. We even lit our fire tonight, just because we could.

I love wood heating. The way the whole house is warmed in a way that just doesn’t happen with other forms of heating. And the cosy sense of comfort and security when the flames are flickering and the timber is making little crackling noises.

Actually last night was a clear example of the benefits of wood heating. We had a blackout that lasted all night. No electricity until 6.30am the following morning. It was a planned outage and not too cold a night but it made me recall how much more prepared I feel for the inevitable series of winter blackouts. I know I can keep the house warm and even keep some hot water on hand if I have a wood fire.

So bring it on Winter, with your rain and wind and long cold nights. I’m all ready!

Animal family:

The downside of having pets is that they die. Two of my cats and two of my dogs are quite old. In particular Riley my German Shepherd is failing. Thirteen years old when he was not supposed to last past nine years due to a diagnosis of bone cancer. But no one told Riley his time was up. He’s been through various medications, retirement from the Obedience competitions he loved and hardest of all for him, having to accept a much quieter existence than the energetic lifestyle he was used to.

Once every few days he gets a spurt of energy and wants to play. He used to play chase with Connor for hours at a time but now he just tries for a few minutes and gives it up.

He used to argue with the other dogs about who got to keep the blue squeaky duck. Last night he found it at the bottom of the toy box. He pounced on it and carried it out to the lounge room where he savaged it seriously with his worn old teeth. But after a few minutes he got too tired and needed a little sleep.

Don’t get me wrong, he’s not in any pain. Just tired… so very tired. But his eyes are still keen and interested in the world around him. I’ll know by his eyes when the time has come for the final vet visit. Not yet…but sadly…soon I think.

Book update:

My book, “The Other Side of the Ocean” is still selling, a few copies at a time. My aim is to get as many copies as I can into the hands of readers as I believe it is a story with a message we all need to hear. If you are interested in getting a copy it is for sale for $20 postage free. Just message me if you want to find out more.

My business:

The week before last I told you how I started in affiliate marketing by ordering a copy of the book by Dean Holland called “The Iceberg Effect.” You can get it here if you haven’t ordered it yet. It was the start of a whole new adventure for me.

I planned to tell you about my second step last week but I got sidetracked with another topic. So today I’ll give you more detail about my second step.

After I read through the book a few times I felt pretty sure the whole process was genuine. I tried affiliate marketing years ago and I have to say it ended badly. I joined a course run by Internet Profits, paid my money, and was let loose on the internet with very little instruction. So I lost a heap of money paying for ads that achieved nothing and ended by coming to the realization that I was paying more for ads than I was making. So I got out before I lost any more.

But this seemed different. The book gave detailed information in a way that made sense and I found easy to read. The process seemed simple enough but I was really nervous about making too big a commitment.

After much deliberation I decided to take “The Quick Start Challenge.” You can learn more about it here.

It’s a 7-day course that actually sets you up in an affiliate marketing business one step at a time. Full on coaching as you journey into a strange new world of auto responders, funnels and traffic control! For me it was all completely foreign but exciting. I love learning and learn I did!

The course was designed to let you try out affiliate marketing to see if it was a good fit and something you could learn to manage. For me it was an eye opener. Every one of the 7 days started with a coaching session then a chance to take some action, trying out the new learning.

After the 7 days were up I was sure this was something I could learn. I did not feel I could manage without a lot of help but I was assured the help would always be available. And it certainly has been.

One of the most valuable lessons I learned was to allow 12 months before I could expect my business to start showing a profit. This helped me budget in a way I could sustain, rather than spending way too much on advertising in the forlorn hope that I would make thousands of dollars while I slept in my first week!

 Affiliate marketing is work. But if you put the hard yards in, you can achieve a financially successful business that you created and grew yourself!

Product Review:


Videly is another of the products that Internet Profits advises is a genuine offer. While I have not purchased it myself I believe it is a genuine opportunity for those interested in creating a business with a focus on video.

I’ll let the creator tell you more.

How to Rank Videos On Google With 3 ONLY CLICKS


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Wrapping up the week:

Well that’s it for another week my friends. If you have an interest in starting your own business then you need to click on the links I have supplied and start exploring the options.

A comment from you would be much appreciated.

You are welcome to add your name to my subscriber list.

Take care everyone


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