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O Negative or B Positive? Is it in the Blood?

It matters what you say.

It matters what you believe.

Hello again my friends, I hope the past week has been good for you. Today I wanted to write a little about just how much we are influenced by the things people say to us and how it can effect our thinking. And therefore our choices.

But first just a quick thought for the week.

Just a thought:

Let’s think about this question posed by Carl Jung.

“Who has fully realised that history is not contained in thick books but lives in our very blood?”

Chapter 2 of The Iceberg Effect has a telling example of the impact of mindset on our lives. You can check it out here and get your free copy.

The week that was:

Like many many others I use my car to get where I want to go. Shopping, appointments, author talks, church, you name it, and I drive there. Public transport where I live is intermittent at best and most things are too far away to walk so that leaves my trusty Outlander to get me where I want to go.

But I am a little different to the majority of my friends. I’m not a great listener to music when I am in the car. Usually I like to listen to an interview, or a talk. I’ve come across many interesting things I didn’t know while listening to a talk on the radio while I was driving.

Earlier this week I listened to a lady lodging an appeal for blood donors. The interviewer asked her what was the most common blood type and she said “O negative.” The interviewer immediately came back with “B positive.” The lady didn’t get it but I certainly had a smile on my face as I continued my trip.

I started thinking about the impact of negative beliefs on our decision making. Words like “You’re stupid” or “You never get things right” echo throughout our lives from child hood on. And think about how they drag us down. I know I believed all through high school that I was stupid at Maths, just because a teacher told me so. It was long after I left school that I discovered that Maths was a useful tool I could readily use, even though it was not something I took much joy in. But then I don’t really take much joy in getting vaccinated either-but I accept the usefulness.

Negative beliefs can result from situations without the use of any words. Who can forget the horrors of PE at school when two kids were chosen to pick two teams? The kid who was picked last needed no words to tell him/her that everyone else was considered a better choice. How do you grow out of something like that?

Does it stop you from seeking promotion in your career? Or do you seek it but make up your mind that the answer will be no and you watch someone else succeed where you once again failed? How influential has been that earlier negativity on your thinking processes where you set yourself up to fail because you believe that is what will happen.

Henry Ford once said, “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

B Positive. We encourage our toddlers to take one step at a time until WOW! They’re walking. I don’t think anyone would tell a child not to try walking. And if we continue to praise results and encourage further effort we produce a child full of self confidence and willingness to try new things.

It has been proven over and over again that positive beliefs produce positive results. Not just in childhood but throughout our lives. Success breeds success even if it’s just one step at a time. A new job, a new relationship a new opportunity. Whether we succeed is so dependent on our belief that we can succeed.

Sometimes B positive has to be a conscious choice. So much of our lives are impacted by negativity that we need to learn to recognise it and reject it. And the good news is that we can. We have that power. The power to choose how we will think and to drive ourselves towards success by believing in ourselves.

Back to Henry Ford. “Whether you think you can…”

Animal Family:

The hens take centre stage this week. They are moulting and to be honest, look like a pack of ragamuffins. Tail feathers missing, downy underfeathers “leaking” everywhere, looking a bit underweight and not laying. Not an egg to be found anywhere!

Discarded feathers all over their yard. And it had to happen when the weather has turned cold and they could do with some extra warmth and a good appetite.

I know this is a part of their seasonal change. They will grow their feathers back. They will lay eggs again. And the local town sparrows are very happy that there is so much spare seed in the hens’ feed bowls.

I’m feeding them cooked rolled oats each morning with added vegetables and kitchen leftovers. They love their porridge and wolf it down while the seagulls look on from the overhead power lines. They don’t offer any challenges because Connor stands guard until the chickens have wandered off.

Book update:

No trip to the markets this week. But I got a lovely surprise when a recent buyer of my book contacted me via email to a friend.

Warning: I am about to brag. He said “The author has an amazing insight into Saah’s experiences both in terms of story and in terms of emotional realties.

Please pass on my affirmation of her work and I hope she writes more. She has a gift.”

Wow! Such encouragement is so much appreciated.

Business update:

Continuing on my theme of negative and positive thinking I believe it has a huge impact on how I manage my business. Just a few days ago a new partner posted in our group wanting to know how people were doing, adding that he doubted anyone was making a profit and that any successes were random and few and far between.

He was obviously struggling and a number of people in the group offered advice and encouragement. His response was revealing in that it highlighted just how new he was to the business. He was expecting instant riches after only a couple of weeks and was very disillusioned that this was not happening.

I was surprised to find myself also starting to think in a negative way. Is it actually worth the effort? What if I fail? Am I just making an idiot of myself?

I thought I was well beyond that level of negative thinking but not so. There is obviously some entrenched negativity in my mindset that is simmering away, just waiting for the chance to surface. It has to go!

A home business is a place where the way you think can make or break you. It can be a lonely experience and you can get discouraged, especially if the people around you are inclined to belittle your efforts.

On a positive note, this man received so much practical help that I think he has every chance of turning his results around.

But first he needs to change the way he is thinking.

To expect instant results is unrealistic when he is very new to the business and has little previous experience. In any new undertaking we first need to learn the process then learn how to apply it. We need to develop a workable plan. We need to commit to consistently working on our plan. Above all, we need to believe in ourselves.

He received all this advice as well as offers to contact him privately. At no point did anyone suggest that he should give up.

It was such a highlight to me to witness the response of other group members- everyone trying to encourage.

That’s the great thing about this type of business. People online who you may never meet face to face who want to see you succeed and who do all they can to help.

Review: The Golden Ticket

The product I am reviewing this week is called Recession Secrets. Again I must tell you that I have not tried this product but I trust those who have and who have recommended it to me. I encourage you to click on the links and find out what you can. It might be just what you are looking for.

The product creator has this to say:

The Golden Ticket

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It’s worth a look


Wrapping up the week:

Well, that’s all for this week. I hope all is well in your world and everything is just how you want it to be. Don’t forget to add your name to my subscriber list. Also please take the time to share your comments with me.

 And remember to click on the links and check out all the offers that are scattered throughout this blog.

Take care.


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