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Should I be committed?

Just a thought:

Our thought this week is from Kate Iroegbu.  She says, “Even if you are the only one who believes in your dream, if you are committed to it, you will achieve it.”

The week in general:

It’s been a funny one this week. Nothing seems to have gone to plan and it feels like it’s Friday. But my watch, the desktop and my phone all say it’s only Tuesday. Probably better believe them.

It started off normally on Monday, just little niggardly things kept me having to adjust plans. Not that we had much planned- just the normal housework and business. Just little things. Like Peter, my disabled brother who loves to help and who is the original clean machine, decided the drain in the sink needed cleaning. So, he used all our detergent to clean it, not realising it would never shine to a beautiful gleam-it’s old and not stainless.

We disagreed over that. I was grumpy because all our detergent was gone. He was grumpy because the drain did not meet his level of cleanliness. And never would. He was especially upset over that.

Well, we both got over it and got on with the day. We took all three dogs for a run on the beach and both of us calmed down. It’s amazing what a calming effect the sea can have. It’s always amazed me that the sea is at once predictable while at the same time it is constantly on the move. I think there’s something almost hypnotic about it; consistently tranquil yet the waves constantly following the same path.

Most of the people on the beach were locals exercising their dogs. The beach is still littered with dead fish, an aftermath of the floods, and no one is risking the surf. With all the dead fish being washed out to sea there is a serious risk of sharks coming in close to shore to feast on the fish, so it seems sensible to stay out of the water for the time being.

Anyway, to continue to report on the week-where- if-it- could-go- wrong- it -would, we got back from the beach only to hear a loud squawking coming from the apple tree. A young parrot had got caught in the netting and got into a hopeless tangle. I had netted the tree in the hope of getting at least some apples for ourselves. The birds and the possums obviously do not believe in sharing.

Have you ever tried to help a terrified and angry wild parrot? They are all beak! I had sensibly donned a pair of oven gloves, but he bit right through one. Luckily I got my fingers out in time. The only way I could free him was to cut the netting from around him then remove as much as I could while he attacked the scissors tirelessly! When he was finally free he flew off into a nearby shrub and stayed there for the rest of the day.

Late in the afternoon I went to check he was okay and he was gone. Hopefully none the worse for wear. I removed the rest of the net and binned it. Hated being responsible for that little bird’s near-death experience.

The animal family:

Dog Club started up again on the weekend so Connor and I were up early and off to training once again. I did not expect much from Connor as I had done very little work with her since before Christmas. Partly because I believe she deserved a break and time to just be a dog. And partly because I definitely needed a break!

She surprised me. She remembered everything and I swear she was practically laughing as she went through all the tasks. I am frequently amazed at her memory. She is so focused on her family (animals as well as people) that she knows all our routines – we must all be very predictable.

She has developed quite a name for herself amongst the beach goers as “the dog that never stops.” She runs constantly from the time we get there to the time I put her back on lead to go home. What people don’t see, however, is Connor in the afternoon. She sleeps like the dead, never stirring until dinner time. I guess it’s all a matter of balance.

My book:

I have been fortunate enough to score 2 more outlets for book sales. The Visitors Centre in Yankalilla has undertaken to sell copies and we have just completed an agreement about that. Also I have secured a spot at another market at Willunga, which is happening this Saturday. I’ll let you know how it goes.

As previously mentioned. You can get a copy of my book by messaging me on my Facebook page – Beverley Writes. Or use the comments section on this blog. The cost is $30 which also covers postage and handling. Or $20 if you live locally.

My business:

You have most likely guessed that a lot of the focus this past week has been on commitment. Commitment to turning up each day, day after day, to work on your business, to take on board the mentoring and basically just to keep at it.

It can be tough. When I first decided I wanted to use my blog to promote my business, I was told to simply report on what I did each week. But so much of it is same old same old that I thought it would all sound too boring so I decided to add in other aspects of my week, just for some variety.

Commitment. Sticking at it, giving it your best efforts, not settling for second best.

One of the best arguments for the need for commitment was published in an old article in Insight Magazine by Gary Sheer. It showcases an alarming collection of facts about the impact of a lack of commitment. I’ll quote some of it here: “If 99.9per cent was good enough, 103,260 income tax returns would be incorrectly processed that first year, $22000 would be deducted from wrong accounts, each day 12 babies would be given to the wrong parents, and 107 incorrect  medical procedures would be performed in a day.”

The article goes on and on but I think that short quote gives you the idea. I guess we all tend to think that our individual level of commitment doesn’t matter that much, but WOW! When you look at the accumulation of numbers it’s pretty scary.

For me personally, commitment to my business means giving it my best effort every day.  No slacking off, no half measures. And you know what? There’s a level of joy in knowing that my business is my own creation and that it’s my very best contribution to my world. Pretty heady stuff, and I love it!

Product Review:

Have you got your copy of The Iceberg Effect yet? If you have any interest in affiliate marketing I think it’s the best introduction to the business you are ever likely to come across. And it’s free. You can find out more and get a copy here.  

As promised I am going to continue reviewing products from other providers. If you should choose to purchase I will receive a commission.

The product I am reviewing this week is a business which teaches you how to earn an income using various forms of social media. I’ll let the producer tell you about it.


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Wrapping up the week:

Well that’s about all I have for you this week. I hope everyone has a fantastic rest of the week and I would love to hear if some of you had a look at the product I have reviewed. Take care everyone


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