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You’re invited

Hello again everyone I hope you are all well and looking forward to what the week holds for you.

Just a thought:

 “Invite people into your peace rather than joining them in their storm.”

Carol Miller

The week in general:

A lovely cool week this week, just my kind of summer. If only it could stay that way. We even had a thunderstorm last night with some good heavy rain for the garden. Saves me watering for a few days at least.

I recently had yet another birthday. They seem to come up faster as you get older. My daughter phoned me with an invitation to lunch-my choice of venue.

I nearly said thanks but no thanks. I had previous appointments to honour and we had problems working out a time and day that would suit everyone. But thankfully, I said yes.

Sometimes invitations come at inconvenient times and you have to make a decision about priorities. Can those other arrangements be rearranged?

I’m so glad I said yes.

We decided that lunch at her home would work out best for all of us. And I insisted that the meal include a medium rare wagyu steak cooked by my 15-year-old grandson. He has an interstate reputation for his steak cooking prowess but I had so far never indulged.

He agreed but when I asked him would we be having a salad with it, he unhesitatingly revealed his Gordon Ramsay tendencies.

“I’ll be serving it with mashed potato and steamed asparagus or I won’t do it at all.”

Yes Chef. No problem. I like asparagus. And mashed potato.

The meal was as delicious as I had been told it would be and now I have joined the exclusive few who have sampled a wagyu steak cooked by Aaron. With of course, mashed potato and steamed asparagus.

Followed by a totally decadent sponge cake smothered in fresh fruit and cream. All washed down with some really nice wine.

Very glad I accepted that invitation.

The animal family:

This is going to be mainly about the dogs this week as they have been taking up a lot of my time. The visiting dogs go home tomorrow so our house will be slightly less crowded then.

The past few days we have avoided the beach as it’s not a very inviting place to be right now. While the river is in flood the freshwater fish have apparently been breeding up to alarming proportions and now the barrages are open they are being washed out to sea in their thousands. (Remember I told you about the barrages-those man-made barriers that control the inter- mixing of fresh and salt water at the mouth of the Murray River.)

Well the freshwater fish cannot survive in salt water so when they get washed out to sea they die. Countless thousands have been washed up on our beaches and the stench is overpowering.

Apart from the smell I hate seeing all those dead fish.

Some children have been trying to save a few by throwing those still living back into the sea without realizing that it is the salt water that is killing them.

 I’m not sure what can be done about it-just hope we don’t have this happen again.

Any way I have been walking the dogs along bush tracks which a lot of other people are doing too. We have met a lot of new people with their dogs.

On the subject of invitations I love watching one dog invite another to play. They lower their front half while sticking their butt in the air, in what is known as a play bow. That invitation is always accepted. The interesting thing is they seem to know who will accept and don’t ever invite the ones they know don’t want to play.

Not sure how they work that one out-it would be useful knowledge for us humans I think.

My book:

Well I did it. Took my book to the Yankalilla Market with very good results. Sold lots of copies and got invited back to the next market.

It was a very positive time for sellers as well as buyers. The market is held indoors so is much more comfortable out of the weather. It was lovely to see buyers coming in loaded down with fresh farm produce and then spend time browsing around the arts and crafts section-and my book of course.

I’ll definitely be doing that again.

As previously mentioned. You can get a copy of my book by messaging me on my Facebook page – Beverley Writes. Or use the comments section on this blog. The cost is $30 which also covers postage and handling. Or $20 if you live locally and I don’t have to post it.

My business:

One of the best invitations I have ever accepted was to become a part of Internet Profits Accelerator. It is currently the top offer Internet Profits has available and has provided me with an amazing amount of support in mentoring, training and in the practical method of setting up my business.

It’s a premium program that I found to be ideal for a complete newbie like myself. Most of the elements are done for me and a plan is put in place to ensure the chance of making costly mistakes is minimized. (I needed that!)

It’s not a magic wand. I have to do the work if I want to see results. But the work I need to do is clearly laid out for me following consultations, to make it clear that I am choosing options that interest me and that I can commit to for the long haul. I ‘ll be reviewing this program in the next section so I’ll fill you in on more details then.


Internet Profits Accelerator. What is it and how does it work??

Long story short, it’s a complete system designed to get you up and running in your new business. All  the systems you need are set up ready to be actioned. Strategies are explained  and training is available to ensure you receive the guidance you need to work towards your success.

But that’s only the beginning. Once you are set up you then you join a mentoring program designed to guide you along your chosen path. The aim is to have you running a successful business within 12 months.

Providing you do the work.

Providing you keep in touch with your mentors.

Providing you stay committed.

Providing you avoid the many distractions the internet will throw at you.

Providing you take it seriously.

Do these things and as Dean Holland, CEO says “It cannot NOT work.”

To check out Internet Profits Accelerator click here to find out more.

This is the program I am involved in and I thoroughly recommend it.

Internet Profits Accelerator. This program rocks!

Wrapping up the week:

I hope these words of mine have interested you. I will happily answer questions if you leave any comments either about Internet Profits Accelerator or anything else about this business that has got you curious. I’d love to hear from you.

As always, take care


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