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Keeping it real

Hello again everyone, I hope this past week has been good for you. To start this post, here is a quote I hope you will like.

Just a thought:

“Long term consistency beats short term intensity.”

Bruce Lee.

The week in general:

The past few days have been very hot and uncomfortable, not my favourite weather at all. However, as I write this, the sky has become cloudy and the wind has picked up. We might be going to get a storm which will certainly cool everything down. The garden is looking very wilted and dry- a storm would be helpful to say the least.

It seems strange to be thinking about flood waters when the days are so hot and dry. But, in fact, the floods that have impacted on so many Australians have finally reached South Australia, via the Murray River. The Barrages at Goolwa have been opened to allow the excess river water access to the sea.

This doesn’t happen very often because much of the Darling River/Murray River system gets filtered off into numberless irrigation channels on its way through three states before it gets to the mouth of the Murray near Goolwa in South Australia. The Barrages are a system of artificial barriers which are normally used to stop the flow of water into the sea, especially when there is not enough water coming down the river to sustain the freshwater environment.

When the flow is exceptionally high, as in a flood, the barrages can be completely opened so that the water can flow into the Coorong Wetlands and from there into the sea. This system lowers the risk of saltwater mingling with fresh water and damaging the wildlife and environment that exists along the river side.

At the moment, with the Barrages open, the sea has become muddy and smelly with lots of flood debris and dead fish. The beaches are still open but people are advised not to swim or boat or engage in their usual holiday water activities.

I feel sorry for the hordes of holiday makers who have come with children in tow, to enjoy a holiday by the sea. Some of them would have booked accommodation a year in advance as this is a very popular spot and of course, the sea is the major attraction.

Nothing much can be done about it except to wait for things to get back to normal-around March we are told. But in the bigger picture, having your holiday interrupted is only a small annoyance compared to those who have lost their homes and all their possessions.

The animal family:

One of the tasks I have set myself when the weather is so hot is to make sure the birdbath is kept full. The birds have been making good use of it so it needs refilling twice a day. It’s not actually a proper bird bath but a porcelain bowl set on top of the hot water system and can be viewed from the laundry window. We often have neighourhood cats visiting the garden so putting the bowl up high has meant the birds are safe from the visiting cats. My cats love watching the birds activities from the laundry window and the birds don’t care. They have learned that the indoor cats cannot get to them.

The chickens and geese have a lovely spot to keep out of the heat. They spend all day under callistemons which are as big as trees and have a very thick shade. I’m often tempted to sneak in under there with a book and join the flock. Not sure I’d be welcome though.

The dogs are still getting along fine. Our two visiting puppers still have over a week to go and have settled in totally.

I take Connor and Lexi to the beach for a run early each morning. Usually we go to the closest beach where they both run to their heart’s content.

Recently I wanted a change so I took them to a beach a little further away, one Connor and I had often visited but Lexi had never seen. It’s a great beach, lots of surf and long stretches where the dogs can run. Then you can leave the beach for a shady walk behind the dunes which leads back to the car park.

As we got closer to the car park, Lexi the young cattle dog started to prick her ears and focus on something ahead. She could see a cow!

 Connor and I had seen it many times before so we weren’t terribly interested but for Lexi it was the highlight of the trip. We soon got a lot closer and that’s when she started to worry.

 As all good cattle dogs know, the cow was meant to be paying attention to her expecting her to herd it in the direction it should go. It wouldn’t move.

 Lexi started a low growl then barked at it. It still wouldn’t move.

 By this time we were right up beside it and it still would not move. Lexi sniffed at it and I could tell she was worried. It didn’t smell right.

What she had found wasn’t real. It had all the appearance of a cow; the size and shape were right but it was somehow different. She touched it with her nose and that’s when the awful truth dawned. It was definitely not real. It was made of metal!

For Lexi, the cow-that-wasn’t was a bit of a shock but no harm was done. In my section about my business I want to talk a little bit more about when business opportunities look real but are not. Much harm can be caused.

My book:

The Port Elliott markets were so hot and dusty that I am unsure whether they were worth the effort. I sold a few copies of The Other Side of the Ocean but it was not really a very good day.

 This coming weekend I am taking my book to the markets at Yankalilla. They are held inside the Showground buildings, much cooler and a better atmosphere.

I have been invited to present my book at two different events in the next few months which is exciting for me. And a bit nerve wracking!

As I have mentioned in earlier posts I have copies of my book available for sale at $30 a copy if I need to post them, or $20 if you live nearby. Just message me if you are interested or contact me via the comments page.

My business:

One of the disadvantages of operating an online affiliate marketing business is that people tend to lump all online businesspeople together under the title of “scammers.” That’s sad because it is unjust to the genuine, honest entrepreneurs and also causes many people to reject opportunities through lack of correct information.

Some of the fault lies with the entrepreneurs themselves. There is a tendency to focus on the positives and hide the negatives.

But we need to get real.

Running an online business has its downside.

  1. As already mentioned, there is the thought that you might be just another scammer.
  2. The buck stops with you. The total responsibility for the success of your business remains with you.
  3. There is no such thing as sick leave.
  4. Family and friends tend to think you are always available because “she’s at home all the time.”

They’re the main issues- the ones that I have encountered. I am tempted to now create a list of the positives but if I do that I will want to list far more than four. And fall into the trap of over emphasising the positives. Yes… I tend to focus on the positives.

The reality is that it takes time to create a business that is financially viable. At Internet Profits we are often told to assume we will need to support our businesses financially for up to 12 months. Some people reach financial success much sooner but they are the exceptions.

My main point that I want to get across is that those ads you see where you are promised an instant $10k per month just by clicking a button and leaving your email are just not genuine. Many people max out credit cards and get into all sorts of financial trouble through believing in these false promises. Don’t get fooled. Business building takes time. There are no instant solutions.

So, to summarise.

Creating an online business is challenging and carries a steep learning curve. But it is your own creation. My goal is to create a viable successful business without ever having to resort to unethical or even vaguely questionable practices.

I have a budget which allows me to support the business until it can support me. Currently that amount is $150 per month to run Facebook Lead ads. The blog costs around $220 per year for the domain, my email etc. Not very much when you consider the normal costs of setting up an offline business. Then there is the cost of stationery, computer maintenance, online tools etc. but again that is minimal. I have no office rental to worry about, no transport costs, no inventory and no staff. So I think I have a good deal going. Most of all I love what I am doing.

So that’s the reality as I see it. If you are seriously thinking about setting up an online affiliate marketing business then any of the Internet Profits products will set you up. You will be supported and encouraged as you progress. As a starting point I found The Iceberg Effect book was so helpful, especially as I was a totally raw newbie. It’s free except for postage and handling costs. Well worth your while to grab a copy. You can do that here.

PS. If you do order a copy I will get a $1 commission.    


The Internet Profits product I want to review for you now is called The Perfect Offer. The Perfect Offer is a video training loaded onto a USB stick. The training introduces the viewer to the concept of using physical products to get customers online, AKA “Free + shipping” offers, as one of the most effective ways to get floods of customers online.

If you already have a bit of experience with online marketing, then this could be perfect for you. You can get your USB stick by clicking here.

Wrapping up the week:

Well, that’s it for this week. I hope you have found this post interesting and maybe even a bit informative. I am happy to answer any questions you may have-just use the Comments or send me an email if that is more comfortable for you. To email just check the Contact tab on the top navigation panel.

Take care


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