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What will you do when you grow up?

Hello and welcome once again to my blog. I hope all is well with you and that you are enjoying my ramblings.

Just a thought:

This one comes from Walt Disney: “All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

The week in general:

What do you want to be when you grow up? This question has been on my mind lately as I recently had a birthday and that reminded me of the various plans I made as I grew-plans that often did not come to fruition but were fun to dream about.

My earliest memory is about wanting to be a princess. However, as time went by it dawned on me that as I wasn’t of royal blood I would need to marry a prince. And I didn’t know any princes. In fact I felt reasonably sure there were no princes living anywhere near me.

So I dropped that idea and decided to be a movie star. Possibly some acting talent would be required but I could learn that, couldn’t I?

By this time I could read and spent a lot of my time with my nose buried in magazines where movie stars featured regularly. Over and over I read of movie stars whose marriages failed, who hated their parents and/or were drug or alcohol dependent. It didn’t sound like a very happy sort of life. So I ditched that idea. I dreamed of various other exotic choices which for one reason or another fell short of my expectations until I finally settled on becoming a schoolteacher. I had spent most of my life in school so teaching seemed to be a way of staying in a place that was safe and familiar.

That plan didn’t pan out either. I had finished school and decided to spend a year governessing so I could work out if I really wanted to teach.

I got married instead. And had children. And got divorced.

Necessity forced me to take a good long look at my life and do some serious planning. I was a single mum with four children to support. I finally went to university-not to train as a teacher but as a social worker/counsellor. Not anything like the plans I had made but it kept food on the table, a roof over our heads and the wolf from the door. And it was fulfilling satisfying work…

Now my children are grown and as I look back on my life I ask myself what did I really want to do when I grew up? And the answer was contained in none of my early dreams.

What I wanted was to have a career where I could help people, to be at peace with my life and secure in my independence.

And as a writer and affiliate marketer, that’s exactly what I have.

Animal family:

My three dogs are playing host to two other dogs who are staying with us for two weeks. They all know each other well, so apart from a few half-hearted scuffles they are all having a great time.

There is one little old man, Buster, who is happy to join Cadi and Riley in basically sleeping the day away except for an occasional trip to the beach.

Lexi, the Blue Heeler, will join Connor and me for our daily beach runs as she loves romping with Connor.

It’s funny to watch them at the beach, Connor chases seagulls and Lexi chases Connor. Each dog is completely blissfully unaware that they are both focused on entirely different objectives.

My aim is to see they both get enough exercise to keep them calm and that is an easy goal to achieve!

The cats aren’t upset, they just continue on with life as they know it. Sleeping and eating. In the coolest spot in the house when the day is hot and in the sun at the back door when the weather is cooler. The only thing that seems to upset them is when I need to go outside and disturb their sun nap. Not a popular move on my part!

The chickens and geese have no problem coping with two extra dogs. The geese have them absolutely bluffed simply by running at them and hissing. But I’m not going to get complacent. I ensure they can have no direct contact with each other, only through a fence. I would hate for any of the animals to get a chance to hurt one another so I am very strict about supervising.

My Book:

Remember I said I was taking my book to the local markets last weekend? Well it happened. Very hot windy day, lots of people and some lovely stall holders. I didn’t sell many books but I learned so much. I think the thing that most impressed me was the way the stall holders look after each other. Many of them have been operating for years and are very willing to offer support and advice. I’m planning to continue the market strategy until the end of February and then review. Also exploring avenues such as online stores. It’s all a bit of a minefield I must say.

Just to remind you my book is for sale direct from me, where you can buy a signed copy for $30, postage paid. Or $20 if you live near me and I don’t have to post it. Just drop a comment or use the contact page if you’d like more information.

My business:

It was good to get back to it after having a few days off over Christmas. So different from working a 9 to 5 where I was starting to resent any extra hours I sometimes had to put in. Working my own business from home is soo empowering. I choose the hours; I choose what I’ll do when and I choose how I’ll do it.

My chosen business advertising strategies are this blog and Facebook lead ads. Have you heard of them? I create a series of ads and Facebook directs them to people who are known to be interested in having a home business. Yes I know-it’s a bit disconcerting to realise how much Facebook knows about us all.

But the way this works for me is that people who are not interested in creating a home business just don’t receive the ads. So no wasted effort on my part.

I’m so glad I can use my blog. I really like documenting happenings around here on a week-by-week basis and appreciate it that I can incorporate business subjects into my writing.

So all in all, referring back to my title-I think I must have finally grown up! And I am glad I have the energy and time to run an affiliate marketing business from home and to keep on learning. I can thoroughly recommend this lifestyle to anyone who is thinking about giving it a go.


This week I am continuing to review Internet Profits product. I feel that as all my training and mentorship comes from this group it’s only fair I review their products first.

I do plan to review products from other sources after I have completed the Internet Profits reviews so that my readers will have the best market choices I can access for them, all in one place.

This one from Internet Profits is another freebie called Affiliate Marketing Secrets. It is a short video training that is loaded onto a USB stick. It details why traditional affiliate marketing no longer works for most people and what you need to do to win as an online affiliate in this day and age. You only pay $4.95 postage and handling fee. The link is here for you to take a look.

Wrapping up the week:

 Well that’s it for this week. It’s hard to believe we’re already nearly half way through January and for those of us in Australia, half way through summer. I hope the week has been good for you and the rest of the year turns out the same way.

Take care everyone


2 responses to “What will you do when you grow up?”

  1. Beverley, you are so talented in your writing. Eddie and I enjoyed your writing. Wish you the best in selling your book.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Lynlie Thank you for your kind words. It is so good to know you enjoy my blog. I always hope that people are getting pleasure out of it. Keep safe.


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