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Adding Value? What’s that?

The week in general:

Hello everyone, I hope last week was a good one for you and this week is even better.

The Huntsman in the letter box is still with me. He is still sitting on a pile of flyers with no apparent intention of moving on any time soon. I checked on him this morning and found him all scrunched up in a little ball with all his creepy little legs folded up beneath him. I thought he had died and gave him a gentle poke with a corner of one of the flyers. He jumped up with a start and started running round and round the letter box. Apparently he was sound asleep and I woke him up. Do Huntsmen sleep?

By the way I know he can get out of the letterbox if he wants to because once he jumped out of it and into the garden. But he came back. So I guess he just likes the letterbox.

Our Christmas tree is up and waiting for the decorations to be added. For years I’ve had a real tree but it’s got so big I cannot move it anymore, so this year I got a fake tree. Have to say it looks pretty good even if it’s not quite the same as the real deal.

The animal family:

I wonder what sort of things dogs remember and for how long? While I was digging out the decorations for the tree I came across the old rug that was in the crate when Connor came to me as an 8-week-old puppy 4 years ago. I showed it to her for no particular reason and she got sooo excited! I felt really mean. If I’d known how much it meant to her I would have let her have it all the time. It makes me wonder just how much pets remember about their beginnings. Sorry Connor I had no idea it was still so important to you.

Speaking of Connor she did me proud on the weekend. Our club had our annual Presentation night and Connor won a lovely trophy for being the best Rally Advanced dog for 2022. Lovely surprise!

The three cats are an ever-present danger to our Christmas tree. They have all sussed it out and at the moment are being studiously uninterested- not bothered by it at all. But I am not fooled. I am well aware that they will pinch whatever baubles they can get, even resorting to climbing it to get to the top layer of stuff. I don’t expect it will get to Christmas unscathed but that’s just part of owning three indoor cats! Christmas trees awaken their wild side.

My book:

“The Other Side of the Ocean” continues to sell.

If you are interested in buying a copy the publishers are Booktrails Agency.  You can contact them at

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been researching selling at the local markets. Well my application has been accepted so I will be joining the team of local marketers during January. It sounds like a lot of fun so wish me luck with sales.

I also have a number of copies for sale if you’d like to purchase one from me. I am selling them for $30 a copy which includes postage. Just drop me a message in the comments for further details.

My business:

Well. Adding value? What’s that about?

Last week I said we were going to look at keeping your mind set in the direction you want to go in order to make the changes you desire. How do you go about that? Making a decision is one thing, sticking to it can be quite a challenge.

We are all creatures of habit and I know from experience that it is far easier to just follow along with what I’ve always done rather than focus on change. Anyone else found that to be true?

I think a major part of success in making and sustaining change is about adding value.

In business, adding value can be as simple as asking “do you want fries with that?” thereby adding to someone’s order and consequently, your income from the order.

But to me it is much more than that

Adding value is about the level of ethical behaviour you bring to your business. It’s about being honest in your dealing, about being respectful even when other people are not.

For me as an affiliate marketer, it’s about only promoting products I have either tried myself or have been presented to me by people I trust because I know they are totally honest.

So to relate maintaining mindset to adding value, I think it boils down to being clear within yourself about your own personal values and bringing those values to your business. That way you have a clear path to follow when things start to look a bit confusing. You just keep your own standards before your mind as the path that you choose to follow. If that means changing a particular behaviour it will take work but the rewards will be that you will gain confidence in your way of being and will become known as a person who is true to self.

You not only add value in your business you also add value to who you are.

Got to be worth the effort right?

Product review “The Iceberg Effect”

For the next few weeks I am going to add a different product review to my post. Naturally, because I have been focusing on it, the first review will be about The Iceberg Effect.

I became involved in affiliate marketing because of this book. It’s an easy-to-read explanation of how the author, Dean Holland, discovered a revolutionary approach to affiliate marketing that dramatically changed his business. According to Dean he had been trying to succeed online for many years before he discovered this new approach. The Iceberg Effect is a system which takes the affiliate marketer beyond the frontline surface of the business and dives into the depths where the real profits are made. Hence the comparison to an iceberg. As we all know the visible part of an iceberg is only a small part of the whole. What lies beneath the surface is far bigger than what can be seen floating on the surface.

And that’s what this book teaches. It shows us how to tap the opportunities below the surface in the affiliate marketing business.

 For me it has made a lot of sense and for a real newbie like myself it has been a book full of commonsense and no-nonsense teaching. The whole seemingly complicated affiliate marketing business is broken down into four simple strategies that are easy to manage.

  1. Finding those people who are interested in affiliate marketing.
  2. Building a data base of interested people.
  3. Following up with those same people.
  4. Presenting offers to those interested people.

I keep the book nearby all the time I am working and have read it more than once. Russell Brunson, in his forward says “I recommend you read this book thoroughly right away, more than once even.”

Surprisingly for such a high-quality product, the book is offered free of charge. You need to pay a postage and handling fee; currently around $9.70 I think.

I had to wait about two weeks for mine to arrive but while I was waiting I also received the audio version, almost instantly.

I highly recommend that if you are interested in having a go at affiliate marketing you get hold of this book before you do anything else. It will save you making some expensive mistakes. You can find out more about it and get your copy by following this link. You can get it here.

Wrapping up the week:

Well that’s it for this week. I hope everyone is looking forward to the festive season as much as I am and enjoying the holiday vibe.

I would love to see some of your comments and questions. If anyone has any suggestions or questions I’d love to hear from you.

Take care everyone


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