Does mindset matter?

The week in general:

Hello everyone, I hope last week was a good one for you and this week is even better.

This is one of my favourite times of the year. The countdown to Christmas is well and truly underway. I’m nearly but not quite ready-yet ready enough to take the time to sit in a café with a coffee occasionally and people watch. It’s so interesting to watch people as they bustle around, loaded down with goodies, pushing overflowing trolley and generally being busy, busy, busy.

Tinny carols, plastic trees, Santa’s in every store-I love it all. Oh and about the people watching-it’s not stalking. Is it??  

Peter and I will be spending Christmas Day with Belinda and her family in their new house-the first Christmas we’ll be there. I don’t know how she does it but in amongst moving from one house to another my daughter has managed to decorate the house and set up a “real” Christmas tree.

Do you still do Christmas cards? It seems to be a practice that is dying out. I know I’ve been sending less and less and I must say I miss the long ropes of cards hanging in front of the fireplace. These days it looks as if e cards have almost replaced traditional Christmas cards. A pity I think.

Although we’ve moved into summer here the weather is still very much like springtime. Hot one day, cold the next and raining in between. And plenty of wind!

I guess that’s why a large Huntsman spider took up residence in my letter box. I found him a few days ago when I went to collect the mail and totally disturbed his privacy. I needed the mail so I found a piece of a small branch, broken off by the wind and tried to persuade him to relocate. After much prodding and shrieking and jumping around on my behalf he decided to make a spring for it and leapt off my offered twig and into the garden. Which is where I wanted him to be. I believe my antics caused a fair bit of distraction to passing motorists!

Anyway next day he was back, sitting on top of a flyer from the Salvation Army. I left him there. So far he is in possession of the flyer, another one from my dog club and the electricity bill. He can have the bill! And the letter box.

I guess he feels kind of safe in there. He’s out of the weather and the birds can’t get him. I’ve decided to leave him alone for now. Though I am wondering if the electricity people will accept my excuse for late payment- “A spider had my bill?”

So anyone sending me any snail mail will need to address it “Care of the Huntsman in the letterbox.”

The sweet peas I’ve enjoyed so much are nearly over. They were so very lovely and their fragrance was amazing. Another benefit I discovered was that they have offered a lot of protection to some new star jasmine and my potted dwarf fruit trees. They covered everything with flowers and leaves and under all that protection the trees and the new vines have really taken off.

While the sweet peas are nearly finished the roses are coming into full bloom. Someone who lived in this house before me must have really loved roses because there are so many. They line the front path and are scattered all through the garden. Some are very old with thick trunks, almost like trees really. I am really lucky to be enjoying them without having to put any real work into them. They seem to especially love the dry summers here; they have adapted so well.

The animal family:

The trips to the beach with the dogs are a bit restricted now with new rules in place. Actually the rules come in every December and last until after Easter, meaning that the dogs cannot be off leash on the beach after 10 am. Fair enough I guess- many beach visitors don’t fancy a wet dog running up to them to say hello. It means we have to get to the beach early which is not really a problem in summer. The dogs can run all they wish and not overheat so it works well for us.

I recently joined an online Irish Setter group and have “met” many fanciers from all round the world-most of them as dotty over the breed as I am. It’s funny really as I take Connor to competitions all round the state and very rarely meet another Irish Setter. In fact it’s really easy for anyone who doesn’t know me to meet up with me at a dog show. They just need to look for the only Irish Setter on the ground and they’ll find me at the other end of her lead. It’s nice to know there are plenty of others around even if they are all over the world.

The hens continue to thrive although they have slackened off laying-I’m only getting two or three eggs a day which is actually plenty for us.

One of the hens is broody and nothing will convince her that there will be no chickens without a rooster. She lives in hope. Meanwhile I have to lift her off the eggs and actually carry her to the water. Otherwise I think she would let herself die of thirst rather than leave the nest. Now I believe in positivity but I can’t help feeling she’s taking things just a bit too far.  

My book:

“The Other Side of the Ocean” continues to sell.

If you are interested in buying a copy the publishers are Booktrails Agency.  You can contact them at

I also have a number of copies for sale if you’d like to purchase one from me. I am selling them for $30 a copy which includes postage. Just drop me a message in the comments for further details.

A friend and I are currently looking at selling our books at the markets. We’ve sussed out a few and I think it might be a fun way to sell our books as well as meet new people. I’ll let you know how it goes.

My business:

Well… does mindset matter?

So much is said on the internet about having the right mindset. But what is that? A short time of research online found me studying a whole plethora of conflicting advice. I read about the three types of mindset, the five types of mindset, the ten types of mindset, even the twenty types of mindset. What the…? So what is all this stuff about mindset?

I left all the confusing information on the internet behind me and found the answer that works for me in a totally different source. I think I’ve already shared that I read a devotional each morning. Well this morning I found a treasure that explained mindset for me in a clear and easily understood manner. I’ll quote it for you.

“What’s your biggest challenge right now? Breaking a bad habit or putting a new one in place? Launching a new business or turning an old one around?” There are many examples where our mindset drives our desire to make changes but we’ll just focus on the business reasons.

“There are two powerful keys.

  1. Set your mind in the right direction.
  2. Keep your mindset in the right direction.

Setting your mind is the easy part, keeping it set calls for a daily commitment. Anybody can make a start but you need to develop the heart of a finisher.”

How is that done? We’ll look in the next post at the ways that are working for me.

Wrapping up the week:

Well that’s it for this week. Christmas is coming and I think it’s a good thing that we can focus on the joy of the season as a change from all the bad stuff that’s happening and about which we have no control.

I would love to see some of your comments and questions.

Take care everyone


What is one thing you would change about your life? Grab a few minutes to think about it and add it to the comments.

4 thoughts on “Does mindset matter?

  1. If I could change anything, it would be to be where I am now, twenty years ago. I need more time! Good to meet you Beverley, BTW…


    1. And you Jaye and Anita. I think we could all do with more time especially as it seems to be flying by so quickly. Take care

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Mindset matters heaps, Beverley. Our experience becomes how we think, feel and act. What a lovely group of fur and feathered fam you live with. How thoughtful of the Huntsman spider LOL. Keep up the great work with your blog.


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