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Can you make money with affiliate marketing?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and have had a really good week. We are still getting more than our share of rain here in South Australia, with forecasters saying we can expect a wet November and December. December is the start of our summer and it’s usually very hot and very dry by then. So… more rain? Bring it on I say!

The week in general:

A busy week as usual. I’ve been researching my plan to go home to Batemans Bay and already I can see a few problems. The main one is finding somewhere to live. Buying a house in the Bay is out of the question and finding a rental is difficult because I haven’t been running my business long enough to satisfy real estate agents that my income is stable. So I’m thinking that perhaps we’d move to a pet friendly holiday cottage at first then look around from there. It’s just an idea at present and obviously needs a lot more thought.

My brother Peter had a birthday during the week. We had a quiet evening in, I cooked him his favourite roast lamb followed by ice cream cake complete with candles. Pete can never get enough of ice cream.

The garden has morphed into a jungle! Peter and I get stuck into the weeding whenever we can but it’s a matter of dodging the showers. And the lawn is now a waving field of grass. But I refuse to complain. I know that soon summer will hit us hard and we’ll be trying to keep things alive but not build up too high a water usage bill!  

The animal family:

The dogs so love the beach. Actually one of my favourite things to do is to take the dogs to the beach on a misty rainy day- not a deluge of rain but something a bit stronger than a mist that you can see moving across the sea towards the beach. There’s usually no one else in sight so we often have the beach all to ourselves. Just me, the dogs, and the seagulls.

Connor is on a steep learning curve in her training. She’s a bit of a “Velcro dog” in that she prefers to work by my side and at this new level she has to work away from me. It’s a bit of a challenge for both of us. She starts off confidently but then turns around and looks at me for reassurance. Interesting learning how to “read” her concerns and think up ways to tell her it’s okay.

I have to say the three cats love this wet weather. Well… curled up on the lounge in front of the fire for the whole day, with meals served on demand and occasional necessary trips to the kitty litter…what’s not to love?

I thought the hens had stopped laying but only today I found where they had relocated their egg laying nest. It’s funny how one hen will find a new spot to lay then all the others follow suit. We currently have nine dozen eggs on hand so it won’t really matter if they do stop laying for a while. The neat thing is that they are most prolific with supplying eggs just when I need lots of eggs for the Christmas pudding and Christmas cake.

My book:

“The Other Side of the Ocean” continues to sell.

If you are interested in buying a copy the publishers are Booktrails Agency.  You can contact them at

I also have a number of copies for sale if you’d like to purchase one from me. I am selling them for $30 a copy which includes postage. Just drop me a message in the comments for further details.

My business:

As per the title of this post-can you make money with affiliate marketing?

I certainly hope so! That’s the plan.

In this my year of sowing, I am encouraged when I see posts from those who started a year or so before me and now they are making good money. Not everyone is making a regular income but I can follow their progress and I’m even starting to estimate when each one started by the progress they have made. It’s all about finding a proven system and following it without deviating or getting sidetracked by all those “shiny objects” that are everywhere online.

I joined a Facebook group where I see these posts and it’s amazing how encouraging they are. Ordinary people just following a process and making it happen.

So do I think you can make money affiliate marketing?

Well yes I do.

It’s not a case of instant fortune but I see enough evidence in the people around me to understand that it’s a very reliable income once you understand how it all works and keep building your knowledge. I know I have a lot more to learn but that’s half the fun. Learning new stuff and seeing how it works when you put it into action.

My main strategies are Facebook lead ads and my blog. Facebook lead ads target people who have demonstrated an interest in affiliate marketing so the ads only reach those people. Yeah I know. I too find it a bit scary just how much Facebook knows about us!

Earlier this week those in our group were given access to a heap of new products to promote. The lesson now is to follow the directions on exactly how to do that. I’ll let you know how I manage.

Just to finish off this section I can say I know multi-millionaires who made their fortunes in affiliate marketing. I know many many people like me who are just starting out and just want to prove we can do it too. Maybe not the millionaire level but achieving a livable income would be fantastic. My additional goal is also to prove to myself that it can be done ethically and honestly. Definitely not into any of that dodgy stuff!

If you would like a free copy of this book which started me on this journey you can get it by clicking on this link. Go on! Be brave!

Wrapping up the week:

Well there goes October and November is already picking up speed. I’ll be working on my new product promotions this week-let’s see how far I get.

I would love to see some of your comments and questions. If anyone has any suggestions about my plans for relocating interstate in the near future I’d love to hear from you.

Take care everyone


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