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Do you need an affiliate marketing roadmap?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and have had a really good week. We’ve had lots of rain again, here in South Australia. Having lived for many years in western NSW under very nasty drought conditions, I find myself unable to moan about rainy days. I love them!

The week in general:

This was a much better week than the last one. Just about normal.

Back to normal. Yay!

The week started with a trip to the bank to finalise new account details and get an update from the anti-fraud people. Apparently our area is being heavily targeted, I guess because many wealthy retirees move here to live.

 In a way the heavy targeting is a good thing because all our services are on high alert and have focused more strongly on security. As well as that, I learned from the bank people that they have learned a great deal about combatting fraud and feel they are in a much stronger position due to all the practice they are having!

My Outlander is grey.

My driver’s license arrived earlier than expected. Great to have it back.

As I said at the start of this post, it continues to rain here. Usually spring is starting to dry out at this time of year but not this time. The garden is looking glorious even with the prolific weeds that seem to spring up overnight!

Citrus trees have not done so well this year. My lemon tree is full of lemons of all sizes, even flowering as well. But I guess because of the rain and the lack of sunshine, they just haven’t ripened. Lots and lots of big green lemons which I am hoping will ripen okay when we finally get a few days of sun.

The orange tree is having a hard time too. At first glance it looks as if it is loaded down with oranges, big, beautiful and ready to eat. However when you get up close, you discover that all that is on the tree are dozens of orange skins, perfectly shaped and still attached to the tree but with no fruit inside. On each orange there is a smallish hole where it seems the fruit has been scooped out. Local gardening gurus say it is the work of possums who have certainly been enjoying an orange fest on my tree! 

The animal family:

This new heading has become necessary due to the fact that the animals in this family feature significantly in everyday life. Actually there are quite a few. Three dogs, three cats, two geese and nine hens.


The dogs Riley, Cadi and Connor are at present sound asleep around my feet. If I move this chair back I’ll bump into someone. They all went for an outing today to Goolwa to run along the riverbank. Well… Connor ran, Riley wandered backwards and forwards sniffing everything and Cadi trudged along behind with her usual attitude of “when can we go home?” I should add that Connor is a young highly energized Irish Setter while Riley and Cadi are an aged German Shepherd and Collie.

The three cats are inside cats only. Never allowed outside. They are Meka, an elderly ginger Moggie, Joe an equally elderly Ragdoll and Chrissi a much younger Ragdoll. All of them lead a life of sleeping and eating, watching the birds from the window and occasionally indulging in zoomies (usually in the early hours of the morning.)

Such a deceptively innocent face

The geese. There are two of them that I seemed to have obtained because nobody else wanted them. I know there is one male and one female, but don’t know which is which. They are pretty bossy especially when someone they don’t know wants to come into the yard. Better than a watch dog really.

The nine hens were supposed to be four hens originally but that was two years ago. I seem to have acquired more than I planned for. Their ages range from three years (Barnevelders) to an eight-year-old Australorp. She no longer lays but she keeps all the rest of the flock in order.

The animals are all very special. I thought I’d better introduce them here because no doubt you’ll be hearing about them from time to time.

My book:

“The Other Side of the Ocean” continues to sell.

If you are interested in buying a copy the publishers are Booktrails Agency.  You can contact them at

I also have a number of copies for sale if you’d like to purchase one from me. I am selling them for $30 a copy which includes postage. Just drop me a message in the comments for further details.

My business:

If you’re interested in how I got started it was when I ordered a free book called The Iceberg Effect. I liked what I was reading. The book was free apart from a small cost for shipping and handling and I believe it is worth it’s weight in gold if you’re someone who is curious about creating an online business.

I recently read a comment about the book where someone said it was “a cute scam to charge $7.60 for shipping for an eBook.” It made me wonder if anyone else thought that way. The author Dean Holland was quick to correct the mistake. I can only say it’s definitely a real hard copy because I’ve got one!

From there I decided to progress further and joined a training course run by Internet Profits, the organisation behind the book. I’ve been interested in affiliate marketing online for years but did not feel I knew enough about it to go alone. Internet Profits has been so helpful in steering me along the right path and helping me avoid all the mistakes.

There are a number of reasons for my decision to try my hand at affiliate marketing.

  1. I like the idea of being a kind of connector between products that are available and people who are trying to find stuff they need.
  2. I don’t need to worry about keeping stocks on hand.
  3. I don’t need to have an online shopping cart.
  4. I believe it is possible to run an honest, ethical business online in spite of all the rubbish that is out there. My way of proving that to myself is to give it a go.
  5. I definitely do not believe a business exists where you can hit a few keys on your computer, pay someone a sum of money and wake up next morning to find you’ve made a fortune overnight. Yet that’s what much of the online advertising would have you believe. I think the only way that can happen is if you win the lottery And you need to buy a ticket for that!
  6. Which brings me to the reason for the title of this post. If you are considering getting into affiliate marketing, do you think you need an affiliate marketing road map? I know I do. When I first gave this business a try back in 2014 I made absolutely no progress and lost a lot of money. Discovering The Iceberg Effect was like finding my starting point. You know…like when you ask Google for directions to a destination and you have to type in where you are starting from. Then Google maps out the best route for you to take. I’m finding the best route for my business is through the Internet Profits “map.”

I’ll be honest with you and let you know if I get led completely astray. I’ve already been lost a few times and Internet Profits has got me back on course each time.

So I am calling 2022 my year of sowing. 2023 will be my year of reaping if all goes to plan. My year of reaping will begin when I earn my first dollar online. I invite you to follow along on my journey and see with me, where it leads.

Wrapping up the week:

Even though it’s Monday here in Australia, I feel I am finishing off the week when I complete this post. It’s predicted the rain will continue all week so that’s lots of time at the computer for me with some breaks to keep the dogs sane by visits to the beach.

This week felt sooo good to be back to normal!

Take care


PS : I would love it if you could leave a comment. I really appreciate hearing your views.

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