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Focus on focus. Do we have to?

Hello everyone, all set for another of my blogs?

As you know, part of what I do is affiliate marketing. I am part of a group called Internet Profits which is both a source of products and a series of courses designed to help a real beginner in the industry (me!) to find my feet and get started on what promises to be a profitable journey.

I first started on this journey by ordering a copy of a book called The Iceberg Effect. It’s a very easy to read book detailing the pros and cons of modern day affiliate marketing. How to take advantage of the pros and how to avoid the cons. It’s been a godsend for me as I have ventured into this business.

The book is actually being given away for free, the author only asks that payment is made for handling and shipping costs. The cost for me personally was $7.60. Not bad I thought, as I live in Australia and it came to me from England.

If you have a copy of The Iceberg Effect with you, in Chapter 5 you will notice that a lot of emphasis is placed on what is called “The Four Core Areas of Focus.” Then what follows is a detailed description of what these are and why they are important to your business.

If you’d like to have a copy for yourself you can get it with this link here.

Back to the idea of focus.

Is maintaining focus all that important?

Let’s look at an example provided by my dog.

Those that know me or who have read any of my previous posts know that I am the proud owner and partner of a young Irish Setter named Connor. She and I have embarked on a journey of competitive obedience competition with a great level of success. We are now at a mid level stage which can be a bit of a challenge at times.

Anyway, on this particular day I was teaching Connor a task where she has to sit in front of a broad jump and wait for my instruction. At my word she has to jump cleanly over the jump then double back to sit squarely in front of me. While she is in mid air I have to turn so that when she sits in front of me we will be facing each other.

It’s easier to execute than it is to describe, but I guess you can see there are a few elements that have to be correct or else the whole maneuver will end up in a shambles.

Connor has found the exercise tricky as she is used to me running beside her when she jumps and this exercise involves me standing aside while she negotiates the jump.

But she is a determined pooch and tries her little heart out whatever I ask of her.

On this particular day my daughter arrived while we were in the middle of training. Normally Connor would race to greet her but this time she didn’t even know we had a visitor. She remained so focused on succeeding at her task, her attention fixed on her job, not even noticing what was happening in the rest of the world.

She got the job done perfectly and only realised she was being watched when my daughter applauded her.

So do you think maintaining focus is all that important?

I think it is.

One of the downsides of having an online business is that when people start to know you are around they can get quite persistent in trying to get you to support their products and /or join their group. It is easy to lose the focus on your own task and go searching through a myriad of other opportunities, some good and some, sadly, very suss.

I know recognizing and learning to maintain my focus on four main areas of my business has helped me to shut out all the internet noise and other shiny objects that could easily be a real distraction.

Just like Connor I have learned that maintaining focus is a sure way to get the job done.  

Take care everyone Bev

2 responses to “Focus on focus. Do we have to?”

  1. Fabulous example Bev and wonderful to see Connor growing up so beautifully.


  2. Thank you Maria. Connor is amazing in my (totally unbiased) opinion!


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