Winners are grinners

This post is about dogs. Two dogs actually, both winners.

The first dog is my beloved Irish Setter. Early this year I set a goal to help Connor achieve two titles this year-Novice Obedience and Rally Advanced. During the past two weeks she has achieved both. It wasn’t an easy ride as she had much new learning to accomplish and conditions at the trials were …well…trying at times.


For instance at one trial it rained most of the day and the ground was very slippery and wet. We found ourselves completing many of the exercises in puddles and trying t o proceed in driving rain. At first Connor kept looking at me as if to say “Are you seriously going to do this?” But she adjusted and just got on with it as she usually does-a real trooper!

I’m not complaining, all handlers and dogs worked under the same conditions and it was worse for the judges-they had to stay out in the rain and mud all day. At least we got to find shelter while we waited for our turn in the ring. The other winner was my grandson’s Blue Heeler, Lexi. They have both just restarted dog obedience classes at beginner level and Lexi is loving it. I say restarted because six weeks ago they had their first lesson but then they ran into a big problem. Lexi got run over. She survived but had a broken leg and some nasty cuts. It’s taken this long for her to recover but at last she’s back in action.


She’s a winner too because she has remembered all the stuff from her first lesson and has lost none of her enthusiasm. Still as bouncy and cheeky as ever. Go Lexi!

So the moral of this story is obviously…”If you don’t succeed at first don’t get run over!

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