Why do people want to blog?

Hello everyone I hope all is well with you. I often get asked why I want to bother about blogging? Why bother? Isn’t blogging dead?

Why blog at all?

Well I guess many people have many different answers to that question. Many of those answers also apply to me.

  • People blog to make money

There are various ways to make money through a blog and it’s possible to earn a really good income this way. Some money making examples are through affiliate marketing, advertising and creating and selling your own products.

  • People blog to establish their expertise

Whatever the field you are knowledgeable in, you can share your knowledge through blogging. In this way people can become recognised as experts in their chosen fields by regular blogging and sharing of information. It is also a way of learning new information.

  • People blog to support issues they feel strongly about.

Many causes, both worthy and unworthy gain credence (and publicity) through blogging. It is an effective way to get your concern before the public eye and gain support. Even if you meet with opposing views the ensuing to and from of discussion can add much free publicity to your cause.

  • People blog to network with others.

There are many many active bloggers and one of the best ways of networking with them is to become a blogger yourself. You can join blogging groups (even start your own) where you can interact with other bloggers to the mutual benefit of both.

  • People blog to create.

This one is close to my heart because it is one of the main reasons I blog. There is something very special about creating the framework of a blog then filling it in with regular posts. Everything starting from nothing then gradually growing into a coherent whole. It’s a kind of knitting together of ideas and concepts that grows regularly and that started from a blank screen. Very satisfying.

working from home
  • People blog to help others.

Another reason for blogging that is close to my heart. It concerns me that there are so many great opportunities online for creating and maintaining a home business but that many people who could benefit are just not giving it a go. Is it distrust of the internet? Fear of failure? Lack of knowledge? All or none of the above? I don’t know. All I know is that the opportunities are there, the choices are huge and the income and job satisfaction opportunities are ripe for the picking. So my blog is geared toward helping people find out about the online opportunities and taking the plunge if they so choose.

And my main reason for writing this blog? The answer is in one word.


Does that sound too cutsie?

  • For me there is joy in creating something out of nothing.
  • For me there is joy in running a successful online business that has the possibility of growing into something far bigger than I ever envisaged.
  • For me there is joy in meeting and networking with fellow bloggers.
  • For me there is joy in being in control of my own time.
  • Most of all, for me there is joy in knowing I am creating something that is a referral point for others who are looking into the possibility of running their own business from home.

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