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Do you need a mentor to be successful?

Hello everyone

This question has been occupying my thoughts lately. Having a mentor seems to be almost a flavour of the month option nowadays but is it really necessary? Do you need a mentor to be successful?

I’ve decided the answer is yes as far as I am concerned. As most of you know I have recently started an affiliate marketing business. I am being coached by three mentors in different categories and I can say with complete conviction that they have taught me so much. How to start up an online business. How to get my thinking right. How to avoid the scammers (sooo many of those around!) How to ensure I have realistic expectations and not get carried away by promises of untold wealth in return for doing nothing. How to set and maintain a budget. How to advertise effectively… the list goes on and on.

My mentors share their knowledge willingly. Since joining this group I have learned all of the above plus more. And there are daily opportunities to get extra help when I need it. So yes my business mentors have led me on a steady upward path to success and I couldn’t be more grateful. So my advice is… if you are thinking of starting an online business check out the various mentoring programs and choose on that suits you best and is within your budget. I know I’ve found the mentoring program I’ve joined with Internet Profits to be a really worthwhile investment.

Mentoring comes in many different guises. I am involved with another mentoring program in a totally different field. It’s practically a freebie from my perspective although the two mentors I have in mind have invested countless hours in qualifying themselves for their roles.

They are my dog training mentors. Recently my young Irish Setter completed two titles in two weeks. She and I competed in Obedience trials and Rally and recently achieved advanced status in Rally and Novice status in Obedience. Lots of glory, lovely ribbons and certificates and special yummy treats for Connor. A very special time for us both.

But a lot of work went on behind the scenes. Regular training sessions in both disciplines and lots of practice at home interspersed with fun activities like ball chasing and running on the beach.

During our training sessions I had to come to terms with the fact that the dog was working beautifully. It was me that needed to improve. So I put the mentoring advice into practice and surprised myself by my own improvements. By the way, depending on the activity, some mentors are better known as “coaches.” Just so you know.

And that’s the thing about mentoring. Whether you are being mentored in a business venture, in sport, or any other activity that requires you to learn, having a mentor is a strategy that gives you every chance to succeed. But it is never more that a strategy. The nitty gritty day to day work is down to you. No matter what the venture is that you are about to set out on, your mentor will not do the actual work for you. No mentor that I know of has a magic wand.

Yes your mentor will share their knowledge with you. They will bring fresh eyes to the situation and guide you through any problems. But in the end it is your commitment, your determination and your willingness to hang in their through good times and bad that will get you through. You are on a journey that will lead to the success you crave, but it is you and you only who can make it happen.

So do you need a mentor to be successful? You may be able to tough it out alone but as far as I am concerned, a mentor is a huge asset in any new venture I choose to pursue.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thoughts on this subject. If you would like to leave a comment I would be very glad to read your ideas.

Take care


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