Who Beverley Writes is for:

I am tired of looking around and seeing people struggling with the ins and outs of setting up a home business while tied down with other commitments. There just isn’t a solid resource created to help them achieve a business that works for them, is easy to manage and that fits into their lifestyle.

So I decided to build it. Let me explain the what’s, why’s and how’s right now.

Beverley Writes was designed for people who want to operate their own business from home without neglecting whatever else is going on in their busy lives.

There are so many people who are not able to go to work but who would love to earn a decent income doing something they love. Perhaps you are one of them. Are you

  • Someone who has retired and is looking for a challenge with the potential to become a profitable business.
  • Someone who has health issues, would love to earn a living above and beyond the basic pension but is limited by ill health and simply cannot commit to a 9 to 5 job outside the home.
  • Someone who has fulltime care of a dependent elderly parent and must make any work arrangements around the needs of the person they care for.
  • A single parent juggling child care needs, school and all the busyness associated with caring for children.
  • Someone who loves their home, their garden, their pets and is unwilling to leave that all behind, day after day in pursuit of a decent income.
  • Someone who loves the idea of creating something out of nothing that is your very own business, operating from your own home in the hours you select and at the pace you choose.

Why do I want to help you

The main reason I want to help is because a number of those bullet points above are places I fit right into.

  • I retired recently and at first really enjoyed the freedom to stay up late, get up in the morning whenever I felt like it ( no more alarm clock) and spend my days doing nothing much. I soon grew tired of that and started thinking about creating a business of my own. It had to be something I could run from my home, something that involved learning new skills and something I enjoyed.
  • I have the full time care of a relative who is disabled so whatever I did had to fit in around his needs.
  • I love my home, my garden and especially my pets and am most unwilling to let these things slide while I go out to work.
  • I especially love the idea of starting with nothing and building something worthwhile.

So you see I fit right into a number of the categories I listed. So I know how it feels.

How do I plan to help

Firstly I will outline exactly what I am doing in my own business. How I started, what resources I have found valuable, the mistakes I have made and where I have found help when I needed it.

Secondly I will explore my own journey in my own home business which focuses on blogging (how did you guess?) and affiliate marketing. Both of these can be operated completely with in your own home. I will be honest about exploring the pros and cons.

We will also look at the approximate cost in time and money to start up. As you no doubt already know, there is actually no real freebie in the business world. You will pay in either time or money, sometimes both. So it’s important to set your money budget and your time budget right at the start.

We will dodge the scammers, detour round the “get rich quick” schemes and enjoy this roller coaster ride together.


If you think this might be a helpful place for you to learn about creating and running a business from home, please leave a comment below. I am happy to answer any questions or take on board any suggestions you might care to offer.

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