Five Reasons for my Blog

For someone who likes writing, creating a blog is an easy choice. But why bother I hear you ask.

Well the truth is I got sick of being retired. Years ago I made an attempt at affiliate marketing but ultimately lost a lot of money along with most of my confidence. It should have worked right? I did not need to create a product I just needed to promote other peoples’ stuff. I did not need a shopping cart just an affiliate link to get paid. So I set myself up and happily wrote my first ad.

Help from your fur baby

No response. So I wrote another ad. Still no response. This continued for months with me getting more and more confused and more and more broke. So I gave up the whole idea and got on with my life.

But a few months of retirement got me thinking. The reasons for getting into affiliate marketing still seemed valid but I knew I had failed before. I allowed my thoughts to wander further afield to what sort of business could be run from home in my own time and without breaking the bank.

That’s what I’m doing now. Yes it’s about what I want to achieve but there’s a bigger reason. I want to help my readers. I’ve come up with 5 things I want to help my audience with and here they are:

Number 1: I want to use my own experience to present to my audience a few ideas for starting and maintaining a fun and viable business they can run from home in the hours they choose.

Number 2: I want to help my audience discover challenges they can overcome and success they can enjoy in a business they have created.

Number 3: Are you shut in? Are you an empty nester? Are you caring for a family member who has a disability? I want to offer you ways you can work towards something for yourself.

Number 4: Do you write? Do you have marketing skills? Do you enjoy learning new skills or revamping buried skills? I want to help you explore, create and manage your business with a carefully constructed plan that is perfectly adapted to your needs.

Number 5: I want each and every one of my audience to recognise and avoid any pitfalls as they grow their business as far as they choose.

I plan to add a new post every week focusing on the pros and cons of a home business. How to get started, what sort of budget will you need what can you expect from your business. Most importantly, how to choose a business space that you will be able to commit to through the whole process of creating and growing.

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