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A walk towards clarity

Hello everyone

Today started off in a not so good way. Struggled with techi stuff and lost that battle so I handed it over to the “experts” in my business who live in England. A bit too far away from Australia if it wasn’t for the internet. I am constantly amazed at what we can achieve via internet, what I can learn, what I can achieve, what support is available. Yes the net is full of scammers -and I’ve dodged my way around a few- but there is so much that is good that I am very grateful to live in the

So what to do while I waited for help to arrive. The solution came immediately to mind. Gather up the dream team and head out along the cliffs where there are amazing views and where the dogs could run for miles.

Where would I be without the dream team?

The amazing thing about the dream team is that although Riley and Cadi are quite old and quite deaf and young Connor is always busy thinking of something else, all three of them can hear their leashes being taken off the hook even when they are sound asleep at the other end of the house. Before I knew it I was being hassled by three enthusiastic dogs wanting a walk RIGHT NOW! Techi stuff on the back burner and the sea cliffs beckoning, my decision was made for me. We set off.

Lately the beach itself has been so full of seaweed that it is an obstacle course for me to navigate. Although Connor solves the problem in the way she knows best by simply taking to the water and swimming most of the way. I prefer to stay dry so the other two dogs and me stumble and trip through the giant mounds of seaweed, me swearing to take a different route next time.

The walk was fairly steep and the wind was strong and buffeting but that only added to the sense of release. I really needed the time out. Part of the sense of positivity was knowing that someone else was working out my problem and when I next got back to the computer the solution would be ready for me. So good. So I forgot all about my worries and focused on the moment. The crashing waves, the grasses waving in the wind and the three joyous dogs happily bounding through the grass, stopping frequently to investigate yet another strange scent.

Home time came round quickly. I found a variety of jobs to do-anything rather than get back to the computer and THE PROBLEM. Eventually I had to get back to work and … you guessed it. The solution was there all the way from England, just waiting for me to action it. Hooray for the internet. And the beach. And of course-the dream team.

What a way to spend an hour…or two.

Over to You

If you have found this blog interesting in any way I would love to hear from you. Just drop a comment in the comments box and I’ll be happy to get back to you.

Till next time

Stay safe everyone.

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