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“They shall not grow old…”

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25th April. Anzac Day today. The day Australians and new Zealanders commemorate those who have died in war in defence of our countries. To buy our freedom with their lives.

Originally this day began as a day to remember those who died in World War 1, supposedly the “war to end all wars.” But the years since have taught us that war doesn’t end war, it only sets a precedence for the next war… and so on and so on. So this day has become a special day of remembrance for all those who have died in all wars in which our countries have been involved. There have been so many, and I’m afraid there is likely to be many more.

It’s significant that around the world we are observing Ukraine’s desperate fight to survive as a nation, so many deaths and so much destruction appears on our television screens every night. Like me I guess many people just cannot understand why Russia invaded Ukraine at all and how they can possibly justify their inhumanity and brutality.

Like me I guess many people are hoping and praying for victory for Ukraine, against all odds.

Anzac Day. A day to remember with gratitude those who died to ensure the freedom of their fellow country men and women. My hope is that Ukraine will have cause to inaugurate a special day to commemorate those who died to ensure the freedom of their country. May it be soon.

Photo by Lydia Bond on

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Hello, I’m Beverley Bell, the creator of this blog. My main reason for starting this blog is to help people who are interested in starting a business they can operate from home.

Most of my skillset is in the field of writing which I guess is why I am drawn to blogging. The plan is to make this blog into an income earning creation that will enable me to earn a living helping people while at the same time doing something I love.

I am also trying my hand at novel writing. I have one novel published which is just starting to attract some attention.

My other interest is in affiliate marketing. I tried this a few years ago and failed dismally. However I have recently started working with an affiliate marketing company and I’m learning all about why it all went so wrong in my first attempt. And more importantly, how to get it right this time. And that’s what I want to share with you.


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