When will we ever Learn?

About a year ago I was speaking with a friend who is a student of history. The conversation centred around our experiences during the height of the pandemic and how “normal” was no longer “normal” any more. Then out of the blue, she made a comment that startled me. Remember, this was a year ago.

She said “History has shown me that whenever there’s a worldwide epidemic or plague or other kind of international disaster, it is always followed by a war.”

What? Say that again?

If history is a major tool for human learning it seems we still have a long way to go. Why is it that when the reins of disease are slackened we want to race out and kill each other?

Poor poor people of Ukraine. So much like me with their household goods, their cars and their pets. Oh those poor puppers running alongside their humans, fleeing from what they don’t know to…where? Anxiety in every inch of their bodies and worry written all over every furry face.

What in the world are we doing?

We can pray for Ukraine and help if we can and perhaps…hate the Russians? Hate Putin?

But isn’t hate a fundamental ingredient of war?

Personally (and it’s just my opinion) I believe that one of the major underlying sparks that ignites a war is distrust. We, as the people of the world, just don’t trust each other at all.

The West thinks Russia is a bad guy, always seeking an opportunity to dominate and take over smaller countries.

Russia thinks the West is a bad guy always seeking an opportunity to dominate and take over Russia.

They don’t trust the West. They see Ukraine becoming involved with NATO as a massing of Western power right on the Russian doorstep.

Russia does not trust the West. The West does not trust Russia.

Meanwhile those confused anxious dogs keep running with their fleeing humans. To where?

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